SoundPeats is a name you may not have heard when it comes to wireless accessories. Nevertheless, the company has started to make some headway by offering quality alternatives to your favorite brands, often for much less money.

We’ve been reviewing the latest Soundpeats Air 3 wireless earbuds for the last few weeks and these buds offer a ton for not a lot of money.


No one is reinventing the wheel on the Air 3 look and feel. The stemmed earbuds look is a little played out at this point but it’s also well proven. Call them AirPod clones or any other comparison but they are small, comfortable earpieces that stay in place well.

Internally, you’re gifted Bluetooth 5.2 and aptX audio. There’s also in-ear detection, IPX5 water resistance, and four microphones for clear call tech. This really is a well-rounded spec sheet for the SoundPeats Air 3 earbuds.


I was thoroughly surprised by the audio quality of the Air 3 headphones. The bass is punchy without overpowering the mids and highs. You get crisp vocals on both music and more neutral tracks like podcasts.

Phone calls were similarly above average for this style of earbuds. The array of four mics does a great job of both picking up my voice as well as filtering outside noise. I found the other end clear and easy to hear with zero connection issues. The opposite side of calls was reported to be good on my end as well.

Touch control and in-ear detection

SoundPeats has included several ways to interact with audio while using the Air 3s. You can pause/play tracks by simply pulling the earbud out of your ear. This is a great and thoughtful way to seamlessly stop audio when needing to having a conversation with a co-worker or hear announcements while in an airport for example.

There is also a touch control area on the outside of each earpiece. A double-tap of either will play/pause tracks or answer/end phone calls. A single tap of the left earbud will lower the volume and conversely, the right earbud will raise the volume.

Battery life

SoundPeats estimates the Air 3 earbuds at around five hours of playback with moderate volume levels. I found this extremely accurate at 60% volume for me. I can easily make it to my lunch break working at my desk without exhausting the battery.

The Air 3 earbuds take 1.5 hours to charge in the case and you can get 2.5 charges off the carrying case. When you finally need to plug up the case for a power-up, it will take 2.5 hours to charge over standard USB-C.


For $50 SoundPeats simply has a good buy with the Air 3 wireless earbuds. YOu get lightweight, comfortable audio devices for much less than alternatives. Add in the quality of features at the cost and this is a no-brainer if you are in the market for wireless earbuds.

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