[df-subtitle]The perfect companion for those who carry multiple gadgets at a time[/df-subtitle]

As someone who is able to work from practically any laptop or computer, I am fortunate in that I can call just about any room my “office”. While I do have a standalone office that I work from on a daily basis, I am often found lugging phones, tablets, and laptops back and forth. Moreover, I also have a few notebooks and other items that I like to keep on my person.

I’ve played with a number of solutions over the last few years, some of which are more in line with messenger bags and totes. Occasionally, I may use a traditional backpack, however a standard school-ready design doesn’t seem to cut it.


I recently spent a few weeks playing with the MightyPack from Speck and believe I have found my new daily driver. Available in three colors, the model I am using is (Coal Dust) black and (Moody) blue.

The first thing to note about this back pack is that it is rather thin. This is the same even when you fill it up with various items. This is nice to have when you are walking on trade show floors or in packed environments where you might run into a lot of people.

Upon unzipping the backpack the next thing I noticed was that it had pockets just about everywhere. Unzip here and you find three slots. Unzip there and you’ve got another five. There is enough room for a 15 inch laptop, a tablet, a notebook, a couple of writing utensils, and so much more.


In addition to my laptop, I can usually be found carrying some headphones and perhaps a back up smart phone as well. And, depending on what the situation calls for, I’ll sometimes have a magazine or two, a camera, and portable power bank. This bag lets me get all of that plus room for that proverbial bag of chips.

The MightyPack is physically light but there is a surprising amount of padding to protect your devices. Given that I have been known to drop my backpack in the past, I was pleased to see the amount of cushion protecting my laptop. There’s something on every side of your gadgets to keep them safe.

One feature that I have already come to appreciate is that it’s TSA-compliant. This means I can unzip the backpack completely and lay it flat to pass through an x-ray machine. Seeing as how I travel a few times a year, this is a nice touch that keeps me from getting aggravated over fumbling around with a bag.


Another cool item in this bag is that there is a hard shell pocket on the outside. Should you want to carry some reading glasses or something you do not wish to damage, this shell and the soft fleece inside, protect your valuables. Have an expensive pair of headphones you like to take with you? Thrown in the shell. It’s big enough to accommodate a 7-inch tablet.

I found the stitching to be very good in all areas of the backpack. This includes the arm straps, seams, pockets, and just about anywhere else you might look.  The netting and mesh help maintain a lightweight design and also allow battery packs and devices to stay cool. But, should you run into an issue with the build quality, you can fall back on a two-year warranty. Indeed, Speck will replace the bag if there any manufacturing defects for two years, anywhere in the world.


In my short time with it, I’ve come to love the MightyPack. It’s a great combination of “rough and tumble” and professional portability.   Do note, however that because of all of the pockets and compartments available, you may end up carrying around quite a load.

You can pick up a mighty back from the Speck website for about $80. Checking around, it’s also available at outlets such as Best Buy and Amazon with roughly the same price.

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