I really shouldn’t be writing this review with these Transform headphones from Soul electronics on my head blasting music, but seriously they are so fun to listen to that I don’t want to take them off. I’m typically the type who needs quiet to focus, but the Transform headphones by Soul have got me in a groove. It’s a little late and my dog and I just got back from a two mile jog. My brain is in high-gear jamming out to some music, and while I have the energy, I might as well let you know how I feel about these headphones.



The Transform On-Ear headphones by Soul are designed for active types who love to listen to music while they stay active. They’re made from a light but durable plastic with a sporty design. My set happens to be red, gray and black, although they come in electric blue and lightning green too. They definitely look the part.


The ear cups are lined with a breathable and washable mesh material that is similar to what most basketball or fitness athletic shorts are made from. A very important feature is that the ear cups can be removed and are fully washable so you don’t have to worry about sweating into them.


The cable of the Soul Transform headphones is 49 inches long which is perfect for most people. It definitely needs length as active types are sometimes in super stretched out positions from jumping, stretching or lifting weights. The cable itself is flat and is also coated with a rubbery material which really does keep it from tangling in on itself. Just four or five inches down from the left ear cup is an inline controller which has a built-in microphone for phone calls, and a main button for answering and ending phone calls and playing or pausing music(Android devices). For iOS devices, the inline remote control serves as a microphone, volume up/down, fast forward/rewind, play/pause and answer and end phone calls.



Like I stated in the opening sentence I love these headphones. No, they are not designed to be reference monitors which are tuned for balance and clarity. And neither are most smartphones. I have never used on-ear headphones to workout with but this set has me contemplating making a permanent switch.

I’ve always used earbuds because they blocked out sound well and are light weight. There were not many on-ear headphones that were designed for the active types and Soul is definitely looking to change that. Earbuds can be fun to listen to, but they cannot reproduce the sound that their larger counterparts can. The Transform headphones enable me to feel my music. Not to sound cheesy, but I really feel my music in my soul. They are specially tuned to Soul’s signature sound, which to me is a little bass heavy, but is a sound signature I love for working out. The bass slightly muddles out the mid-ranges if I look for them, but the highs come through nicely through the rumbling bass. It’s really nice to feel the bass on my ears when I am working out, as it really helps to get me pumped up which is exactly what I need for my workout after a full day at work.


The inline mic picked up my voice very clearly when I tried it out for a work call. The inline remote worked as promised.

The only downside for the Transform headphones was that they made my ears hotter than normal as compared to when I use earbuds. When working out, I naturally heat up, and having two large ear cups over my ears holds in the heat. It may have kept my ears a little warmer because they fit like a glove. Soul was smart for making these fit snugly against my head as the last thing I want is headphones bouncing around on my head. Indoors the heat was not a good thing, but for my jog, they were actually nice to have as it has gotten into the 40’s here in San Diego. So they naturally serve as ear muffs and prevent my ears from getting cold. These didn’t budge an inch off my head during any of my workouts.

I may not use the Transform headphones in the gym on a regular basis due to the added heat, but for the days I am squatting and dead lifting, I will definitely have these on my head as I really need that extra push. And for the mornings and nights when it is chilly out, these will be a must have in order to keep my ears warm.

These headphones are light weight but are very durable. I have been tossing them around during my workouts and also when I get home. I’ve washed the ear cups several times now and I have no doubts they will last me a long time.


What I liked:

  • Quality materials
  • Design for active lifestyle
  • Punchy and fun sound signature
  • Light-weight
  • Tangle-free, flat and rubberized cord
  • 49″ cable length
  • Washable ear pads
  • Carrying Pouch
  • Durability

What I didn’t like:

  • No volume control for Android devices
  • Caused my ears to get a little warm


For $99 the Soul Transform headphones are a great option for anyone, but especially the active types. If you like your music to be fun and punchy with bass, these headphones are definitely designed for you. They fit like a glove, get you pumped up and can withstand the active lifestyle.

If you would like to learn more, head on over to Soulelectronics.com or Amazon.com.

Please excuse me while I go jam out to some music. These headphones are so much fun to listen to.



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