It’s amazing what kind of wireless headphones you can buy for $13.99.

Mobile accessories are much more accessible to everyone as long as you do your research. At $13.99, it has to make you wonder how much electronics actually cost to make. That’s cheaper than a pound of a quality cut of beef which can be consumed in less than an hour by one hungry person.

We’re bombarded with advertisements from companies like Bose and Beats by Dre, so much so that those two brands are exclusively known as the premium audio providers to people who don’t know audio. You’ve seen NFL athletes forced to wear Bose headphones and you see NBA superstars who wear Beats by Dre like it’s a dress code requirement. While Bose and Beats by Dre arguably make quality headphones, there’s a high premium consumers pay for all of that advertising.

That’s where we come in. We aren’t here to push what’s popular, we are here to help inform you of products that you probably never heard of that can save you money. I’ve been using the Syllable D700 wireless earbuds for the past few weeks and can confirm there is no point in paying for the brand name marketing any longer.



The Syllable D700 earbuds are Bluetooth enabled meaning you do not need to connect them to a 3.5mm audio jack which is now missing in some of the latest flagships like the Moto Z and possibly the next iPhone. There is one wire that connects to two earbuds, with an inline remote that houses the battery and mic.

The earbuds themselves are small and can fit in almost all ears, with swappable silicone ear tips, so you can create the perfect fit for blocking out background noise. The ear hooks are flexible plastic that hook onto your ears to keep them in place no matter which activity you decide to perform while wearing the Syllable D700s.

The quality of the D700s is nothing but impressive especially when you factor in the discounted price I paid for these at $13.99. I’ve used dozens of wireless headphones in the past and there are major improvements budget earbuds with each release. The fit and form factor of wireless headphones continue to get better and better, and the D700s are no exception. The ear hooks, in combination with the adjustable slider on the earbuds make these easy to get the perfect fit. Some wireless earbuds put all of the components into ear earpiece which makes for large canisters that can be uncomfortable for those with smaller ears.


The headphones I am reviewing are all black, but they also come in blue and yellow if you prefer more color.

Usage – Audio


After taking five minutes to get the correct fit and pair to my Android smartphone, the first thing I always test is the loudness capability. Wireless headphones like the D700s are meant to be worn in noisy environments like a gym or outdoors. Loudness and sound isolation are key factors when considering any wireless headphones, and these D700s get loud. So loud that there are three extra clicks I have in reserve to notch up the volume when I need it. But I try to avoid turning it up that loud as it starts to pierce my ears.

I have yet to find a set of wireless earbuds, even those that cost upwards of $300-400 that can perfectly match their wired counterparts in terms of sound quality. If you’re looking to hear every nuance with a HiFi song from your own personal WAV collection or TIDAL subscription, you won’t find that with the D700s.

However when it comes to sound quality for wireless earbuds, these D700s are almost as good as anything I’ve heard without a 3.5mm audio cable. That’s what impresses me the most, these cost a fraction of what I’ve paid for other wireless headphones, like the Gear IconX from Samsung which cost $200, and I get the same audio quality if not better from these D700s. Some of you think, ” you get what you pay for” and that’s absolutely true. With the Gear IconX you pay for true wireless earbuds that can track your heartbeat, and you also pay for one expensive marketing team. The D700s you get pure quality and sound without all of those advertising overhead fees.

The sound of the D700s is bright. The highs are front and center with above average bass, and neutral mids. This type of sound signature is perfect for the gym or working out. These D700s are really quite fun to listen to and help me tune out all of the noise and distractions in the gym.


As with most wireless headphones, the D700s have an integrated mic with noise blocking technology. I always test out microphone capabilities by talking to my mom on the phone, because if someone is going to have a hard time hearing me, it is always her. My standard test is an hour phone call while walking my dog outside with background noise coming from cars and people passing by in the background. My mom would occasionally tell me she couldn’t hear me, but nonetheless we still made it through the entire call.


The advertised battery life of the D700s is 4-5 hours of talk and playback time. Over several weeks of testing, I frequently got 5-6 hours. I attribute the extra time due to not turning these up to the maximum volume. I need wireless headphones to last a minimum of three hours a day, 1.5 hours for my workout and up to 1.5 hours for when I am walking my dog in the morning and evening. There’s also enough battery life to get from one end of the country to the other on a cross country flight without needing to recharge.

The D700s aren’t the longest lasting wireless headphones I’ve used before, but they are definitely above average. To fully recharge from near dead take just over an hour and a half.


The Syllable Wireless earbuds are on sale now for $13.99 at Amazon with discount code VPDGAWOH. They’re normally priced at $19.99 which I still consider a bargain for these all around solid wireless earbuds. 

Wireless, water resistant, excellent build quality, solid battery life and exciting sound reproduction for a bargain price of $13.99 blows my mind. You really should consider these Syllable D700s, especially if you’re tired of paying for big brand names.

Check out the Syllable D700s at Amazon and use discount code VPDGAWOH to purchase them for $13.99.


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