One thing we’ve seen while reviewing battery packs is the lack of beautiful design. That’s absolutely not the case for the Tego Power Grid, a 4,200mAh battery pack. It offers a very unique design and enough juice to power your device two times over, but is a little pricey for our liking.

We’ve used this battery pack for almost three weeks, and we have a pretty good idea as to whether this is right for you. Take a look at our full review below.


External battery packs could certainly use some work in the design field. It’s not uncommon to see a big black or white cube with a few USB ports. This one, however, is absolutely beautiful. The top and bottom feature a Lego-like rubbery design to ensure it won’t slide off a table or something of the like. It’s encased in a plastic white shell, and generally feels sturdy. You’ll find two 2.1A USB outputs on the top and a Micro USB port on the right for charging the pack.

tego collage 1

It comes with a thick, flat Micro USB cord that only measures about two feet long. It’s not the longest cord, but it’s super high-quality and definitely won’t get tangled. The only thing we have an issue with is the Micro USB connection side. The plastic casing around the cable is too big to fit when using a phone case. Though the cord was a bit too big on one end for our liking, it’s still a premium-feeling cord.

The top row of buttons actually light up to indicate the charge level. The LED lights in this thing are really bright and almost never stop blinking, even when the device is charging. We would have liked to see the LED lights turn off while in use to conserve energy, but it’s certainly not a deal-breaker.


The performance of this pack is great. It charges quickly due to the 2.1A outputs, and the LED lights are pretty accurate in indicating the charge level. When a device is plugged in, the Power Grid automatically recognizes it and turns on. This is a feature we wish we could see in all other battery packs.

tego 4

We used this battery pack to charge a Nexus 5, Nexus 7 (2013), Nexus 7 (2012), Pebble Smartwatch, and a Galaxy S3. We’ve had no problems with the charging process, whatsoever.

Should you buy?

The Tego Power Grid is an amazing product. It looks fantastic, feels great, and charges things very quickly. However, the price is it’s major downfall. The Power Grid is offered directly from Tego for $59.00. We feel this price is way too high for a battery pack that can only charge most devices two times through.

We’ve reviewed 10,400mAh battery packs in the past that are a fraction of the price, while still keeping a solid design. Because of this, we simply can’t recommend the Tego Power Grid, solely for the price. If you do decide to invest in one, however, you won’t be disappointed in the performance or design fields at all.

If you’d like to check out a Tego Power Grid for yourself, head over to the Tego Power website.

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