Like the idea of over-the-ear cans but hate dealing with cords?  Check out Tenqa’s Remxd bluetooth headphones which provide a wallet-friendly wireless connection to your Android device.  We’ve had a chance to play with a pair of these over the last few weeks and have come to appreciate them for their ease of use and functionality.

Priced at $39.99, the Tenqa Remxd headphones should fit into just about anyone’s budget.  We were not all that familiar with the Tenqa name on the outset of our review, and suspect you might not be either.  Nevertheless a quick search told us that this was not their first foray into wireless gadgets and that they had already produced a number of other accessories.

We found that the Tenqa Remxd headphones paired easily with our phones and tablets and all connections held strong until we manually disconnected.  There are a number of buttons or toggles on the left ear, including power, volume, track advancement, and call answer.  Yes, not only are these a good value for listening to music and podcasts, but they can also make and receive phone calls.

In terms of volume and sound quality we liked what we heard, however we could do with just a little bit more “oomph”.  While the headphones are designed to fit pretty much any sized head, the cups themselves are a touch too small for our liking.  Perhaps that’s why we found volume levels low; external noise was able to seep in.

The Tenqa Remxd headphones come in two color options, black and white.  Initially excited about the clean look and aesthetic, we later found that they can collect dirt and oils pretty easily.  If color doesn’t matter much to you then go with the black.  That is, unless you plan on using these in sterile environments and don’t anticipate sweating or getting too active.

After a few weeks of regular use during yard work, mowing, jogging, and traveling, we noticed that the synthetic material had developed a bit of off-white look.  Had we known going in, we would have used these in a more limited capacity where we might not get our hands literally dirty. We should also point out that when we set our headphones on a bookshelf for a few days it seems to have pulled the reddish oak color into the underside of the headband.  It’s unclear whether this was related to them being put there immediately after wearing them. Maybe they were a tad sweaty after mowing the grass?

As far as build quality goes, these never felt cheap to us in any capacity.  The buttons are firm and responsive and the stitching is clean and precise. And where we though the wire hanger-like materials would bend or break, they have held up quite well.

All said and done, we were actually impressed with the Tenqa Remxd bluetooth headphones and would consider them a good buy at the price.  Whereas it was a bit foreign to move through airports and taxis without being tethered to a phone, this is now the way we like to travel.  These also make a good companion for sitting on the back deck, catching up on podcasts and audiobooks.

You can order the headphones directly through Tenqa, Amazon, and other online outlets.

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  1. I wanted to buy them since day 1 but Amazon won’t ship it to Canada, this is ridiculous !

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