It should go without saying that owners of the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge should protect their cell phones with a case. While the S7 edge is a beautifully designed and built phone, having curved Gorilla Glass 4 on the front and back is an accident waiting to happen. I was one of the few who thought I could go case free, mainly because I didn’t want to cover up the awesome design on the S7 edge. The S7 edge has one of the highest costs associated with fixing broken glass at a price of over $250.

Beyond protection, cases can be functional. There are quite a wide variety of cases, like the Terrapin Leather Wallet case I have been using on my S7 edge which allows me to do away with my wallet. While many opt for functional cases, most just want protection. Terrapin also has cases like clear TPU Gel case that offers solid protection and also extra grip too.

It’s been half a year since the S7 edge was released. That means your case might need a refresh. Similar to helmets, cases only can withstand a limited number of drops. If you’re the type who is constantly dropping their phones in the case, now might be a good time to replace your protection.

Let’s check out a couple solid options to protect your Samsung Galaxy S7 edge from Terrapin.

Terrapin [Black] Premium PU Leather Wallet Case


For those of you who like premium style wallet cases, this one from Terrapin is for made just for you. It’s one of the best made wallet cases I’ve used in a long time and it offers the perfect combination of looks, build-quality, protection while staying ultra-slim.

The outside is made of a premium material that looks and feels like leather. It has a brown interior which gives it a great contrast to the black exterior. The stitching form fits the hard interior shell which keeps the S7 edge safe from drops and falls.


The phone folds open on the right side to expose three card slots for your ID or credit cards. If you still use cash there’s even a pocket for holding it under the cards. This wallet case doesn’t require much money to purchase at $10.95, and is a fantastic value if you want to minimize what you carry in your pockets.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Two Tone Wallet with Stand 


Terrapin’s synthetic leather wallet case in genuinely one of my favorite cases when it comes to functionality. I’m not a huge fan of multiple credit cards, as I try to keep things simple with two credit cards, and one debit card. Of course I always carry my driver’s license and generally limit my cash to under $100. I’ve used a card sleeve style wallet for the past decade, but with this wallet case from Terrapin I no longer need to carry that extra item.

Terrapin’s synthetic leather looks like the real thing. I honestly didn’t know it was synthetic leather until I read the description and then did the smell test. It looks like genuine leather and has the deep stitching usually reserved for higher end cases.


There’s also the right amount of card slots for holding my ID, credit cards and debit card, with a larger slot for cash.


Without overstuffing the wallet, the case still manages to fold flat even though it offers quite a bit of protection at the same time. The front cover is held down on the case when not using the phone by a magnetic clip that is rather strong. Overall if you’re looking for a professional look, while minimizing items you carry, the Terrapin S7 edge two tone wallet case is a solid option. There are similar style wallet cases that cost four to five times as much but offer very little advantage over this one.

One last feature that is nice for people who consume a but of multimedia is the built-in kick stand.


Terrapin TPU Gel with Polycarbonate Bumper Protective Case


One of my favorite cases is Terrapin’s Gel TPU Polycarbonate bumper case. It’s not your typical hard plastic that simply offers protection. It has a real grippy texture to it that makes the S7 edge real easy to hold. It’s also clear which allows me to see the beautiful phone I paid for.

The edges line up perfectly with the volume rocker, power button, microUSB slot, and 3.5mm audio jack. This is a great case for just $10.95 and resists scratches and bumps with the best of them


Terrapin Trifold Clutch Purse Wallet with Polka Dot Interior for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge


Terrapin’s deep red leather wallet style case is admittedly not my type of case, but there are many women who would love a case like this. While many cases are rugged or technical looking, the Trifold Clutch Purse wallet case is refreshingly different. It’s got a beautiful colored exterior with a polka dotted interior and hard interior case.


It has enough slots to hold your ID, three to four credit cards as well as a wad of cash. It also has a detachable wrist strap to ensure you don’t lose the phone while out on the night. The Trifold wallet has a magnet inside of the flip cover to keep it tightly closed when not in use.

Behind the leatherette exterior are hard shells to keep your S7 edge protected from just about anything you can throw at it.

It’s a stylish clutch styled case that is perfect for those who don’t want to carry a purse and don’t want to spend a ton of money.

Terrapin Samsung S7 Edge Case Wallet [Purple]


Up last is Terrapin’s ultra-slim purple wallet case that might be the best of the bunch. The color is one that isn’t one I’d normally choose for myself, but is one that I can see many people choosing.

It’s another wallet style flip cover that is the slimmest of the bunch. There’s a hard interior case to protect and hold your S7 edge, with an outer flip cover two slots for credit cards. It’s one of the more functional cases since it also doubles as a flip stand so you can use watch videos on your phones hands free.


It’s slimmer than the other wallet cases by a couple of millimeters making it very pocketable.

Priced at just $11.95, it’s a great value for the quality and protection it offers.

Terrapin makes fantastic cases

Terrapin has been making cases for a decade and offers some of the best value for your dollar. It’s not a brand you’ll see in big box stores, but is one you can trust. These five cases made for the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge are a great example of the quality of work it does and are worth your money.

Protect your Samsung Galaxy S7 edge today with Terrapin.

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