We take audio pretty seriously here at AndroidGuys. Our resident expert, Josh Noriega has done a few reviews of some of the best audio products on the market today. During my search for a new pair of headphones, Josh offered up these Senal SMH-1200s for me to review, and boy am I glad that he did.


Physical Overview

The SMH-1200 Enhanced Studio Monitors are a great looking pair of headphones. As soon as you pull them out of the box you’re greeted with beautiful extra deep earcups and an adjustable, squishy headband. Our Black Onyx version of the SMH-1200’s has beautiful grey stitching that goes the entire length of the headband on the front and the back.

Senal SMH1200 stitching

The stitching ends at the metal-looking hard plastic where the headphones click into place for optimal sizing. R and L icons on each side let you know just exactly where to place the cups on your head if the detachable cable didn’t give it away already.

The Senal logo medallion on the cups fits in nicely with the rest of the design. The silvers and blues fit nicely with the black of the earcups and headband.

Senal SMH1200 cups

In The Box

Buying the Senal SMH1200‘s nets you more than just headphones. When you open up the box you’re greeted to a package of accessories befitting of the price tag.

The Senal logo insert is easily put aside to show what’s hidden underneath. First up is a nice, soft carrying case. The case has drawstrings and feels great to the touch. It’ll help your headphones stay looking beautiful when you throw them in your backpack and they’re banging around against everything else in there.

Packed securely inside is a gold-plated 1/8th (3.5mm) to 1/4th adapter. This is especially important to have if you’re moving between the studio and home. These things always get lost, so it’s nice to have one come in the packaging. Two cables come in the box, a straight four-foot fabric cable that has a microphone and volume controls (perfect for phones) and a 10-foot coiled rubber cable. Both have their strengths and places so it’s nice to see Senal cover all the bases here.


The Senal SMH-1200’s are Studio Monitors first and foremost. You can tell with these headphones that Senal tried to walk the line of accurate sound while giving a little extra punch in the low end.

Senal SMH1200 band

First, let’s start with the highs. The response is best described as crisp. They’re not overly sharp to the point of pain, but certainly deliver great detail and impact. The highs come through clear and not muffled at all.

The mids are similarly a joy to listen to. If I had to pick one word to describe the mids it would be fun. The well-done mid-range pairs nicely with the prominent bass to provide a really pleasing sound in electronic and bass heavy music.

But, the lows are where the SMH-1200’s really shine. Let me say again – these are Studio Monitors, so don’t go in expecting Beats level bass (not that you should want that anyway). The goal (in my opinion) of these headphones were to provide a studio-quality sound with a slightly punched up low, and Senal nailed it.

Some headphones tend to get muddied when they elevate the low end, but luckily that isn’t the case here. The bass kicks without being too punchy. It’s warm and inviting in a way that will make you want to listen to anything from Skrillex to BB King for hours on end.


Confession: I’m not an audiophile. I absolutely love listening to music, but I just haven’t ascended to the next level. But, these headphones certainly make me feel like I’m close. The closed back SMH-1200s just sound great to me. I love the balance that you get with these. They make all forms of music sound good to my ear.

Senal SMH1200 3

Senal made some smart choices like including the ability to collapse the headphones inward for easy storage and detachable cables for different environments. Being able to field phone calls while continuing to use these is very convenient, and since they’re so light you can wear them for hours without any kind of fatigue.

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