I have been fortunate to work with 1byone and have reviewed quite a few of its products, and have even set up giveaways of those products for you readers. 1byone is based in China and mainly sells through Amazon.com, so the products aren’t what you would find on the shelves of Best Buy and Target. That does give it a leg up where 1byone can save money through spending less on advertisements, and that is reflected in the prices of all of the products they offer.

1byone recently sent me the latest Bluetooth wireless headphones they are offering and they have been nothing short of impressive.

1byone sport

1byone Bluetooth Sport Earphones design

1byone isn’t a brand you’ve seen in stores. They became more mainstream last year and have been on a growth tear since. 1byone’s latest offering in the Bluetooth Wireless Sport Earphones are another product in a long line of high quality, durable and reasonably priced items worth taking a look at.

The Bluetooth earbuds are exceptionally well built, a build quality that I’ve seen in other well established brands such as Jabra. Like most wireless earbuds, the 1byone Sport earphones are made from a glossy plastic with a flat, rubberized and anti-tangle cable that connects both earbuds. In line between the earbuds is a remote control and microphone built in. My version is also a bright green/yellow that makes my head a little more visible when I am out walking or jogging. It may be a feature that is overlooked by most, but I am usually out when it is dark in the morning and evenings. Any added visibility is a bonus for me.

Included in the box are three sets of super comfortable silicone ear tips in small, medium, and large sizes which should cover 99% of the population. There are also ear flanges that slide over the outside of the earbuds that keep them from falling out of your ears while working out. The battery housing is built into the headphones so there is nothing to hang on your neck. Overall the design is quite similar to wireless earbuds twice its price.



1byone sport (1)

I am a huge fans of anything audio related, especially headphones and earbuds. I have always loved music since the days I could make my own mix-tapes, and when mp3 players came out I have probably logged over 5k hours of listening to music through headphones and earbuds.

The 1byone Wireless Sport Earphones are noticeably a little on the large size. If you have small ears, you will not like these for they will not fit well. If you have normal to large ears the size shouldn’t cause an issue, but the design is more on par with wireless sets from 2014. In 2015 manufacturers worked out the comfort and form factors, but for $43 it’s hard to pick on 1byone for this enclosure size. I have used others in the same price range that are twice as large and twice as uncomfortable. Nonetheless, if you have small ears look for a different style wireless headset.

I could get the 1byone wireless earbuds to fit comfortably with the medium sized tips and ear fins which keep them in place versus using an ear hook. There are quite a few sport earbuds that use ear fins, and while they are comfortable, I prefer the ear hook style as that is simply what I am used to.

Once the earbuds were secure and properly fit, a must for any in-ear style headphones, I connected them to my LG V10 using Bluetooth. Pairing was simple and intuitive. A long press of the center button on the control turns the earbuds on and puts them into pairing mode. Over the past few months I have made the switch to TIDAL music which streams high-fidelity music. You can’t take full advantage of high-res audio over Bluetooth, but that doesn’t mean the 1byone Sport earbuds didn’t sound great. Because they do sound great.

For sport earbuds they isolate out the background noise and provide full balanced sound. Some wireless earbuds lack in loudness and bass, but these do not. They aren’t high fidelity but they do offer complete sound that is perfect for working out. Loudness is especially important if you have a lot of background noise and these are more than loud enough to drown that noise out.

Like other headphones and earbuds, the 1byone earbuds have a microphone built-in for taking calls. I did give these a whirl and they are good enough when taking calls. When I was in areas with high background noise, it picked up a little too much of it in my calls. But in quiet areas it performed fantastically and worked with the microphone behind my neck.

One of my favorite features from these earbuds was the battery life. I regularly got six to nine hours of listening time at about 70% volume. This battery life performance is far more than most wireless earbuds in its price range. And there’s nothing worse than getting to the gym with no battery life on the earbuds and the 1byone Wireless earbuds never let me down.


Specs/details from Amazon.com

  • With Bluetooth 4.1, supported by apt-X HD and 6th generation CVC tech, to ensure high-fidelity bilateral stereo sound and clear speech.
  • Smart indicator for battery level – when connected with iOS system, it will display the battery status of the headphone.
  • The ergonomic in-ears are very comfortable to wear and will remain in your ear at all levels of exercise.
  • Battery core from Panasonic, longer battery life, your training won’t be interrupted.
  • Most reliable Bluetooth connectivity and stable responsive ability, pairing two devices, freely switching without any challenge, always keeping pace with you.


Overall for $40-45, depending on the day with price fluctuations, the 1byone Wireless Sport earbuds are an incredible value. If you have small ears they most likely will cause fitment issues, but if you have normal and larger sized ears these are a bargain for the features you get in one package. Sound and call quality is fantastic, especially if you plan on using them in a gym or outdoor setting where you need noise isolation.

You can learn more at Amazon.com.


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  1. Do you have to use the ear fins? Are they removable? Do they really fall out if you remove the rest fins?

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