The ability of electronics to be wireless has become a staple in our lives. I can’t count the number of times I’ve forgotten that my headphones are connected to my laptop, only to suffer minor whiplash while walking away. Talk about first world problems! The Syllable D900 Mini headphones are truly wireless earbuds that won’t leave you broke.


  • Model: D900 Mini
  • Color: Black
  • Bluetooth Version: V4.1
  • Talk/Listening time: Up to 120 minutes listen or talk
  • Weight: 5 grams

The package comes with left and right bluetooth earbuds, one extra eartip adapter, a micro-USB charger, a headphone carrying pouch, and a charging station


I was pretty blown away at how small these headphones were given that they are truly wireless headphones. The headphones weigh a minuscule 5g, which is equivalent to a sheet of paper. The diameter is roughly the size of a nickel. I found these headphones to be weightless and pretty comfortable.


The left earpiece is considered the main headset, while the right earpiece is considered the subsidiary headset. This means that the left earpiece must be on for the right earpiece to work. Each earpiece has to be powered on if you want to listen to both headphones, which became a bit tedious. The main left earpiece can be used own its own. It’s a great look if you want to look like a bodyguard.

Syllable keeps it simple with the headphone controls. There is only one button on each headphone to work with, and that button is the outside of the headphone. Due to the small nature of the headphones, having more than one button would complicate the earbuds. Long pressing the left headphone turns it on and makes it discoverable to your phone. The only things you can do are pause and play music and answer phone calls. Double-clicking the left headset will call your most recent contact. Most of your controls will be done through your phone.



I primarily used these headphones in the gym. I can assure you that these headphones will not fall off your ears. Over several weeks of usage, I did not have them fall out once. I’ve been quite fascinated with Olympic lifting movements and these headphones stayed put during my clean and jerk lifting sessions. They also stayed firmly in place during cardio sessions such as running on the treadmill or using the rower.

These headphones really benefit from being truly wireless. I know from experience that cords get in the way during a squat or bench press session. There have been countless times I’ve pumped myself up for a big lift only to have the wire disconnected from being pulled out. Even bluetooth headphones that connect earbud to earbud still get in the way from time to time.


Hands-free calling works well on this device. The left headphone is the only one that will work with this feature. I called my friends numerous times using the hands-free option and never had a problem with communicating with them. Occasionally the headphones would echo on the other end. There are very few headphones that never go without echoes. 

The charging unit is a unique feature of these headphones. The plastic case that comes with the earbuds doubles as a charging unit. Syllable claims that the charging unit can fully charge the headphones four to six times. I personally found that it was closer to four times. The charging unit is charged via micro-USB.


It’s a good thing the charging unit can charge the headphones multiple times because the battery life of these headphones are not great. I got around 90 minutes of use at 75% volume before they died on me. If you hear the indicator go off, you have about five minutes before they completely die on you.



The most important feature in any headphone is sound quality. With a focus on the mid-range and bass, the Syllable D900 Mini headphones are designed for upbeat music. Genres such as hip-hop and pop will benefit most from these headphones.

Since these headphones are designed for people on the go, it is imperative that they can get loud to drown out background noise. These certainly get quite loud because I never turned them up to 100% and they never got distorted or crackly. I noticed that even with the volume turned high, there is very little sound leaking out of the headphones. This saves me a lot of embarrassment when I have Call Me Maybe on repeat at the gym.



The Syllable D900 Mini headphones are certainly designed for a specific type of user. True wireless headphones are a rarity right now, but are gaining traction with companies like Apple and Samsung joining the mix.

These headphones are designed for those who don’t want to be connected by wires, even if they are connected by earbuds. The Syllable D900 Mini are no larger than a nickel, have a portable charger, and are tuned for upbeat music. They can be found on Amazon for only $49.99 with free shipping. Wireless freedom comes at a cost, and that is battery life. The Syllable D900 Mini headphones only get around 90 minutes per charge, which is on par with Samsung IconX earbuds which cost four times as much. 


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