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The Galaxy Note 8 is one of the most impressive phones on the market – its design, inspired by the Galaxy S8, has spearheaded the market into a bezel-less design that is now being widely adopted as the standard amongst premium handsets. As nice as the design is, the all-glass makeup means it’s still fragile and slippery as heck so you’ll be wanting to slap a case on it to protect your $1000 investment. The market is saturated with cases – some good, some not so good – so we’ve got our hands on what we consider three of the best cases for the Note 8 on the market currently. This is obviously pre-tensed by being completely perceptual and your experience may vary, but we’re here to share our opinion. With that being said, let’s check out the first on offer.

Olixar Sentinel Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Case

The Olixar Sentinel is your typical TPU case by look but is designed for maximum durability. Its flexible carbon fibre design protects the Note 8 without adding any unnecessary bulk and also looks pretty good in the process. Olixar says that the inner patterns also help deflect shock force and aid heat dissipation.

The case provides a lot more grip for the Note 8, which is important given its such a physically big device that trying to operate it one hand is pretty much impossible without a case. While we didn’t drop test the case to confirm the protection factor, the feel of the case provides confidence that any impact or shock to the device will be absorbed by the case. The upper and lower edges are deeper than the screen to provide protection to the screen when placed face down on a surface or during a fall. All ports are accessible with the case on and the S-Pen is easily accessed.

While the case is visually very nice, some may not like the TPU feel of such a case. If you are used to the feel then you certainly won’t be disappointed. You can grab the Olixar Sentinel case here.

Olixar X-Duo Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Case – Carbon Fibre Gold

Another offering from Olixar is the X-Duo case that although TPU, doesn’t feel quite like the Sentinel thanks to its textured body and smooth metallic bumper. The inner flexible TPU case features shock-absorbing strength with a carbon fibre finish on the back. The inner patterns also help deflect shock force and aid heat dissipation. The X-Duo is also built to protect your device. I feel like the X-Duo would offer more protection than the Sentinel with the gold bumper.


While the added protection is welcomed, the X-Duo feels slightly more bulky than the Sentinel but this could be of preference to some. Again, all ports and S-Pen are easily accessible.

For maximum protection and added grip, the X-Duo is a great option but may not be the preference for those who like a minimal look. You can grab the Olixar X-Duo from here.

Official Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Alcantara Cover Case

The third case is by far my personal favorite. The Alcantara cover by Samsung offers relatively the same protection as the Olixar counterparts, and in some cases less protection when considering the cutout at the bottom of the case that exposes the entire underside of the device.

However, it’s not the protection that this case offers that stand out, it’s the feel. Made from Alcantara, the case offers an attractive solution for your Note 8. The case has a raised lip around the edges to provide protection when the display is face down on a surface. It is also extremely slim, adding next to no bulk to your device.

The buttons of the Note 8 are covered in Alcantara too so naturally feel better to the touch and the slippery design of the device is completely eliminated by the case.

While in my opinion the best case available currently for the Note 8, it is also quite expensive if the style is something that is important to you. Some may not like the feel of the material but the Alcantara design is something unique that is fantastic if you’re after something different. You can grab it here.

Again, big thanks to MobileFun that also has a number of other Note 8 cases that is sure to cater for what you’re looking for. Be sure to check out the full range here.

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