For all the great things that come in the design of the Samsung Galaxy S6, one thing has proved to be bothersome for some users. Indeed, I’m talking about the non-removable battery. For reasons known only to Samsung, this generation of device includes an internal battery. Sure, the phone looks downright gorgeous and feels really nice in hand, but users are confined to a very specific amount of juice.

For some of us, we like to add an extended battery or swap in a secondary battery as the need arises. This was quite easy in past generations of Samsung but not so much for this year.

Thankfully, we have companies like TYLT who make products that work with practical solutions regardless of whether your phone has an internal or removable battery.

We recently spent time with the Energi Sliding Power Case for the Samsung Galaxy S6 and found it to be in line with other products from TYLT. Namely, it’s quality device that provides peace of mind.

The inner layer protects the Galaxy S6 but doesn't have any extra battery.
The inner layer protects the Galaxy S6 but doesn’t have any extra battery.

This product comes in a two-piece setup. For the first part, it’s a protective case that protects the edges of your screen. It fits snugly around the phone and provides a moderate amount of protection against scuffs and scrape.

As you might expect, there are cutouts for the charging port, speakers, headphone port, camera and other items. Buttons can be pressed easily and the response is still just about the same as what you’d find on the phone itself.

The second part, which is where the extended battery is housed, is where you’re going to find the bulk. Once you slide your phone down inside of this second unit, you’ve added a second 3400mAh battery. In other words, this more than doubles the life that you will get out of your phone.

The rear of the outer shell has a five-light indicator so you can quickly tell how much power is left in your reserve. Each light represents 20 percent of juice.


The device itself is prone to pick up oil and scuff a little bit easier than we’d like but it wasn’t unsightly. We expect these to get natural wear and tear over time; it can be wiped down easily. In short, there’s nothing here that bothered us more than any other, similar product we’ve tested.

It is not required that you use this battery at all times, of course, so feel free to carry just the phone itself. But, for those who do not expect to be near a charger for an extended period of time, you’ll want to take both pieces with you.

tylt_case_apartIf there is one area of concern it is that the two pieces do not come apart very easily. For some people this will not be a problem. For others, it could be quite the pain in the butt if you need or want to pull your phone out and keep it slim. Some users may wish to keep the extended battery in a car or somewhere where they can grab it on the go and juice up the phone. If that is you, prepare to work your hands quite vigorously to get this apart. We did find that it got easier over time but it’s still a snug fit. There could be worse problems, though.

One feature we’re particularly fond of is the built-in support for Qi wireless charging. So, if you’ve got a wireless platter or dock, you can drop your Galaxy S6 on it and not worry about fussing with cords. This is the sort of flexibility and freedom you need and expect in a flagship such as the Samsung Galaxy S6.

You can score the TLYT Energi Sluding Power Case for $79.99 directly from TYLT. Other places that offer the device include Best Buy and Amazon; both had the same price as of the time this review was published.

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