Toshiba H13 Air Purifier review

The Toshiba H13 is a high-quality addition to anyone's home who suffers from the particles floating around at any given time. The multiple stages of filtration, easy controls, and quiet fans make it very easy to add to any room.

When living in the South, there are things that are just more environmentally common. For me, that’s seasonal allergens that wreck my respiratory system. From blooming foliage to my Boston terrier, my body fights with the air around me. Thankfully, companies like Toshiba are making products like air purifiers to help alleviate these issues.

I’ve been testing the new air purifier and come away with very positive impressions.


The overall industrial look of the H13 is a cross between a futuristic trash can and a floor fan. There’s a status LED that runs the entire circumference of the top and a multi-button control panel above that. The controls include fan speed, timer, cleaning modes, and power on/off switch.

Internally, you get a 3-layer filtration system. This includes a pre-filter to capture larger particles like hair and fur. You then have a traditional HEPA filter for pollen, dust, and molds. Finally, combined with these is an activated carbon filter to catch smoke, odors, and gaseous pollutants.

App control

You can’t have a household gadget these days without WiFi connectivity and the Toshiba H13 is no exception. The air purifier can be paired with the official app, Alexa, and Google Assistant to give you controls remotely.

The TSmartLife app is well laid out and easy to use. After completing the pairing, you have general control similar to those on the physical hardware. You can turn on/ off the unit, set a timed session, change the fan speed and modes, and even schedule sessions via the app.

The app also does a great job of telling you the air quality in real-time. This mirrors the LED panel found on the H13, and both are a glanceable reading to always know your home’s air health. For those new to air filters, like myself, it also has a nice breakdown of what that quality value means for you.

Another persistent status in the app is the condition of your filters. It has a dedicated section of the home screen giving you the remaining life span of each filter.

Daily usage

With all these simple options for controlling the Toshiba H13 air purifier is a breeze to use. The H13 can handle up to 483 square feet of space making it perfect for a living room or larger bedrooms.

It’s also extremely quiet while in use making less than 30 decibels of noise. This is similar to a whisper. For reference, a normal conversation is considered in the 60-decibel levels. You shouldn’t be disturbed regardless of where you position the H13 in your home.

I’ve also found the app and voice controls to be very consistent and helpful. The app takes a few seconds to gain network access and wake the Toshiba, but once that’s established all controls work as expected. I’ve not had any failures in that area.

The same is true for Alexa and Google Home. Alexa can access modes, power the unit on and off, and increase the fan speed. The integration here is much deeper than Google Home. Home is limited to only turning the unit on and off.

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The Toshiba H13 is a high-quality addition to anyone’s home who suffers from the particles floating around at any given time. The multiple stages of filtration, easy controls, and quiet fans make it very easy to add to any room.

That leaves one metric: price. The Toshiba H13 is reasonably priced at $287. This makes is competitive with other air purifiers on the market. Hit the Amazon link below if the Toshiba H13 Air Purifier suits your needs.

Purchase the Toshiba H13 Air Purifier


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