Suffice it to say, there is no shortage of options when it comes to portable Bluetooth speakers. There are products from a wide array of brands with features and price points to suit all buyers.

Tribit, a brand we’ve had a chance to profile a few times, is back with another speaker. Whereas the last time we checked out one of its products it was a smaller unit, this time around it’s a boombox-sized speaker designed with block parties and tailgates in mind.

The Tribit StormBox Blast, priced $200, is the sort of speaker you’ll break out for poolside parties, days at the beach, and backyard barbecues. What’s more, it’s designed with evenings and nights in mind, too, as it features 32 LED interactive lights.

If there’s one constant among the Tribit brand, it’s that the sound is always bigger than expected. That’s still the case here as the StormBox Blast gets loud. Real loud. Like, embarrassingly loud.

Our first few days with this speaker we had it in the office, listening to playlists, podcasts, and audiobooks. On occasion we would crank the volume up just to see what it was capable of producing.

We quickly found that we either had to wait until after normal business hours or play it in very small bursts. It didn’t matter what type of music we’d play, we felt like we were being a nuisance if we got about around 40%.

Taking the speaker home, we’ve had it with us inside and out. We tote it around for working in the yard, cleaning house, or cooking on the grill. It provides a crisp, clear sound that stays true even when you dial it way up. It’s also full and evenly distributed with equal representation at the low, mid, and high ends.

You have to get to nearly 100% before you hear any distortion and even then you’re probably not going to notice it unless you’re within close proximity.

Speaking of which, the Bluetooth 5.3 connection made it quick and easy to pair with upwards of 150 feet of range between the speaker and the audio source.

The XBass button does provide a significant boost to bass but we didn’t find it necessary to have on very often. That said, younger demographics who love their thumping music will likely opt for it.

The Tribit StormBox Blast is IPX7 rated against water which means it won’t have to come inside if your day at the beach includes a pop-up storm. Feel free to set it near the pool and let the kids play; it doesn’t mind water whatsoever.

The battery is rated at 30 hours of playback; we found this to be an accurate number. In our first month with the speaker we only had to charge it up twice. And if we’re being transparent, this was a busier month than usual. We don’t normally get that much music and audio in over the span of a typical week.

The 32 LED lights are obviously not something you need in a speaker, but they’re really cool to have. You can toggle a few different modes to either dance to the music or do a pulse-like breathing; colors can be adjusted as well.

We really like having the lights on around dusk as they add a little bit of fun to the atmosphere. If you’re throwing a party, or having a social gathering, you’ll want to break out the tunes and the light show.

You can learn more about the Tribit StormBox Blast at the manufacturer’s website where it’s available to purchase for $200. You can also find it at Amazon where it’s also offered at the same price.

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