Security is becoming a more and more prevalent issue and being able to monitor your home is the only way to have peace of mind while away. Instead of buying a security system, Trifo allows you to use their AI home robot vacuum, Lucy, to monitor your house while you are away.

From testing this robot, it is clear that this device is built to be a security tool as well as a cleaning tool for your home.

User Experience

I must say that based on the way this vacuum looks, and bhow it is boxed, it has a very modern and sleek feel. The setup process is quite easy if you have your own Wi-Fi and do not rely on a host. The camera on the robot makes the setup easier as well since the robot can directly scan a QR code displayed on your phone.

Once set up you can control just about everything through the app. This vacuum offers the most user control I have ever seen; it even gives you the option to directly control it like an RC car. Furthermore, you can lower the suction power of the robot if wanted.

The first time the robot runs it makes an accurate map of the home and from this you can section off different areas for cleaning. The auto-created map accurately splits up your house into its rooms, so you can select individual rooms as well. The app also makes it so that you can block off areas of the house by expanding red squares over the areas you want to avoid on the map.

Cleaning Capabilities

The vacuum works well on tile and hard services and picks up all dust, hair, and dirt. It does a good job at cleaning shallow carpets, but for deep shag carpets it has trouble picking up dirt deep within the carpet. In its defense, I’ve found that most vacuums struggle with this.

In terms of area rugs, in my experience, this vacuum was unable to get up onto my lighter area rugs that move easily. However, if the area rug is stationed in place, the vacuum can clean it.

The mopping feature of this robot works well for dirt that isn’t just sitting on the surface but which may be really shoved into the floor. In terms of obstacles while vacuuming, this robot can use its camera and sensors very well to avoid anything that could be in its path. It does not get right up against walls and objects though; the closest it gets is about an inch away. The dust bin located under the plastic flap on top of the vacuum is bigger than I have seen before and it does not get full often.

House Monitoring

Although the camera on this vacuum is incorporated in the setup and how it can sense objects, its main purpose is for security. At all times in the app, you are able to see the view from the robot’s camera, and with the ability to control the robot you can view anywhere you decide to drive it.

There is also a feature that detects motion within the house and anytime the camera senses motion it will give you a notification on your phone and record the segment for your viewing. The sensor is even able to catch and record movements in the dark! The robot does allow this feature to be used at the viewer’s discretion as this can be turned off in the app. 

Battery Life

I live in a smaller house and because of that Trifo Lucy is able to clean my home without having to charge itself. For testing purposes, I did measure the battery life by forcing it to continuously clean and it was able to vacuum for about an hour and 50 minutes before needing to be charged.

If it needs to be charged mid-clean, the vacuum takes itself back to its conveniently small dock, charges itself, and then finishes the cleaning.


What really sets this robot vacuum apart form others is its ability to not only vacuum and mop, but also to monitor your home.

With impressive features such as it 1080p HD camera and super sensing abilities that allow it to detect more than the average robot, this robot is really able to differentiate itself. To purchase this vacuum, you can use the Amazon trackable link and for 5% off use the coupon code 4QR6VPZP (valid until May 31st).

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