Tronsmart has been on a roll recently with new products like the Trip portable speaker. The company is creating a compelling new portfolio for 2022. The latest addition is the Onyx Ace Pro earbuds. We have been testing these for about three weeks and let’s dive into the full review.


Let’s be honest, this design isn’t paving new roads for the industrial finish in the earbuds space. You have a very similar look and feel to many other wireless earbuds. The teardrop earpiece with a stem housing the microphone is pretty much the standard these days.

There’s a dual external microphone on the outside of each earpiece. This allows for great voice input while also blocking out surrounding noise. The stem of both units houses a capacitive area meant for controlling playback and calls.

Internally, the Tronsmart Onyx Ace Pro includes Bluetooth 5.2 and Qualcomm’s aptX codecs for stable connections and better audio. Combine those features with IPX5 water resistance and you should have a pair of earbuds poised for almost any environment.


Much like others in this earbud styling, the Onyx Ace Pro is good. Not great, but good. The highs and mids come through well and the bass can be underwhelming at times. More muted or natural audio like podcasts perform much better and the sound is very crisp.

The same can be said for phone calls. I’ve had zero issues with the performance of the Onyx Ace Pro earbuds while talking to loved ones or taking the occasional conference call. Both sides of the conversation seemed adequate with no complaints of noise or muffled mic output.

Touch controls

You can’t have a modern wireless earbud without some sort of capacitive control. Tronsmart doesn’t disappoint here with all the common interactions included on the outside areas of the Onyx Ace Pro headphones.

You can tap either earbud twice to start or pause the playback of audio. The same cadence will answer or end phone calls. Tapping the left side once will decrease the volume and the same on the right side will increase the decibels.

Tap and hold for two seconds to cover the majority of the remaining controls. Doing this on the right side moves you forward a track and the left takes you back to the previous item in your playlist. The combination on either earbud will reject an incoming phone call.

Finally, tapping three times quickly activates two more advanced features. The right earpiece will prompt your favorite voice assistant. The left Onyx Ace Pro will enter gaming mode. This allows a much lower latency of playback for those that might need it.

My only drawback with some of the controls is they are just cumbersome. Specifically, the tap and hold to triple-tap options just take way too much effort to really get the timing right. This led to numerous times of struggling to actually get the preferred outcome.

Battery life and charging

Tronsmart rates the total playtime of the Onyx Ace Pro earbuds to be around 27 hours. I found this to be accurate as long as you weren’t pushing them at 100 percent volume all the time. And honestly, you shouldn’t be doing that anyway.

The earbuds themselves get you close to 6.5 hours of playback and the case can charge them around three times total before the entire bundle needs a recharge. The case misses wireless charging capabilities but can recharge in just two hours.


Tronsmart has another competent option in the wireless audio department with the Onyx Ace Pro.  The company has created a budget alternative to the major players in the market that doesn’t skimp on features.

The Onyx Ace Pro is available for $60 full retail, but to mark the launch, Tronsmart has them 55% off at its partner, Aliexpress, storefront. For just $27 you can own the Onyx Ace Pro earbuds in either black or white variants. Hit the link below if interested in these wireless earbuds.

Purchase the Tronsmart Onyx Ace Pro earbuds

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