Tronsmart has long made quality wireless accessories at a price lower than most other brands. The company was kind enough to load us the latest offering from their lineup. Let’s find out how the truly wireless Tronsmart Onyx Prime earbuds stack up in this full review.


The Onyx Prime earbuds have an interesting take on design. They have a similar silicone loop for securing the earpiece inside the ear, but the rest is very unique. The overall look of these tear-dropped earbuds is very angular and somewhat futuristic looking.

Past the angles is a pretty standard affair of the mentioned looped securement and silicone covering over the tip to help with noise cancellation. This combination also adds a great element of comfort for using the Tronsmart Onyx Prime for longer periods.

Internally, you’ll find a Qualcomm aptX experience paired with hybrid dual drivers. IPX4 water resistance is also onboard as well as Bluetooth 5.2 for better connections.


You can’t have a modern wireless earbuds entry without touch controls. Tronsmart has made sure to include these with the Onyx Prime headphones. With a few gestures, you can manage your playback without reaching for your phone each time.

Tapping twice on either Onyx Prime earbud will start or pause playback. This motion will also answer or end a phone call. These are two of the most used touch controls you can find and it’s nice to see this function on both earbuds.

You can lower or raise the volume thru touch as well. The right earpiece will raise the volume with a single tap and will lower decibels with a  press of the left side.

A long press of two seconds will move you thru tracks on the Onyx Prime. Holding this tap on the left earbud moves you back a track, while the same on the right-hand side skips forward in the playlist. The same cadence on either earbud will reject an incoming phone call.

Rounding out these controls on the Tronsmart Onyx Prime earbuds is voice assistants. This one’s a little tricky and took me some time to master but you can activate Google Assistant, Bixby, or Siri with a double-tap and hold for one second.


Playback performance is pretty good for music and podcasts. It’s a little more muted than some others but the overall sound comes out balanced. I wish at times there was a little more punch in the bass for music, but find it’s very good at pure vocal tracks like podcasts.

Phone calls have been stellar. I found that both parties had an easy time hearing and talking during the conversation. I had zero complaints while taking phone calls over the holidays while testing the Tronsmart Onyx Prime earbuds.


Another above-average aspect has been battery life. The unofficial baseline for wireless earbuds is four hours of playback and Tronsmart has blown this out of the water with seven hours of playback per charge. I found this estimate to be very realistic in daily use.

Pair this with the included battery case and you can push out 40-hours of total playback. When you do need to hit the outlet, it takes about two hours to charge the case and Tronsmart Onyx Prime earbuds using USB-C.


Tronsmart rarely disappoints and the Onyx Prime wireless earbuds are no exception. For the budget-minded, these headphones offer a good value for those wanting solid performance for less than Apple or Samsung.

You can pick up the Tronsmart Onyx Prime via Amazon for under $70 full retail. With the long list of specs and above-average battery life, these earbuds should be on anyone’s holiday gift wishlist.

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