These days, it’s typical that a household has a slew of mobile devices. So we can easily get to the point where power outlets get hogged and charging cables run amok. This is when it becomes smart to get a charging station.

Fortunately, one of our favorite brands, TYLT, has just dropped one into its lineup. Let’s see if the ENERGI Charging Station continues TYLT’s solid quality, and if it’s the solution to your mess of cords.


If you’ve had the pleasure to use a TYLT device before, you’ll know that the manufacturer builds accessories with a mix of effortless design and high quality. The ENERGI Charging Station is no exception.


TYLT’s use of a sturdy matte plastic persists. Not that you’ll be carrying around a charging station, but for what it’s worth, the material’s smooth finish feels great to the touch. The unit’s white base is wrapped with a blue/grey layer. It looks nice, but more importantly, this design gives the user slots in which to route the cables.


The charging station provides a total of five USB power outlets. One of those has a neat feature – a removable battery pack (3,200 mAh) to take with you on-the-go.


This was a considerate addition and gives the charging station more value. It’s easy to use; just press the button to the right of the battery to eject it. It will charge when installed, and four LED indicators tell you how much charge it has.

The back of the charging station just has the power socket.


It of course draws power from a wall outlet. The benefit of a device like this is that you’ll only utilize a single outlet to power five devices.

Underneath, there are two rubber linings to keep the unit from sliding around.



There isn’t a whole lot to say about a charger. It either works or it doesn’t. However, nowadays, there is a particular with mobile devices to comes into question – Quick/Fast Charging. Many of us are now used to our battery percentages climbing up quickly, and it’s annoying when we have to go back to yesteryear’s charging rates.


The ENERGI Charging Station doesn’t have the 3A output to achieve Quick/Fast Charging, but it meets us in the middle. The ports output a max of 2.4A (with the exception of the 1A removable power bank), which is at least faster than the original charging rate. Additionally, it uses a SmartDetect technology that automatically determines the max power that the device(s) can handle. So at least it’s efficient.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a quality charging station, then look no further. As always, TYLT does great job bringing ease and quality to yet another accessory offering. We’ll only say, if you’re in a low-battery bind, you’ll still want to keep that stock Quick/Fast charger handy.

The ENERGI Charging Station retails for $79, so it’s not the cheapest option on the block either.

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