Car chargers for your phone are generally very bland. There’s not a whole lot to them. Mostly just plastic, an LED light and a cord to charge your phone. TYLT looks to change things up with the RIBBN car charger. In this review, we will look at what sets the TYLT RIBBN charger apart from the competition.

TYLT RIBBN styling:

When it comes to style, it’s hard to beat the TYLT RIBBN. They bucked the standard of a round power adapter and went with a square base. The raised logo and soft touch surfaces add a premium feel to the charger. The flat ribbon style cord distinguishes it from other car chargers on the market and they offer it four separate colors. This is by far the nicest looking and feeling car charger that I have used.


TYLT RIBBN function:

One of the stylistic cues that sets the TYLT RIBBN apart is the flat ribbon style cord. You’ll be happy to know that this is not just a gimmicky styling choice. The ribboned cord actually helps to keep it tangle free. When you’re getting in and out of the car all day, this is a feature that you’ll love.

There is also a second USB port, so you can charge a second device at the same time. The charger also features a 4.8Amp circuit that allows for rapid charging of 2 phones or tablets at the same time. I find this especially handy as I often have people in the car with their own devices, and we usually have to choose who can charge their phone based on who has less battery percentage left.

My experience with the TYLT RIBBN:

My daily driver is the Asus Padfone X. The biggest problem that I have with chargers is that a standard micro USB phone charger won’t charge my tablet dock at a decent rate. You need to charge it with a tablet charger. The 4.8Amp circuit of the RIBBN  was able to charge my tablet dock and my phone at the same time.

While using Google Maps Navigation and while connected to my tablet dock, I noticed that my tablet stopped showing that it was charging. However, the battery percentage still crept up, albeit at a much slower pace. Removing the phone from the tablet doc and charging it directly from the RIBBN seemed to rectify the situation.

The 3-foot cable allowed me to place my Padfone pretty much anywhere I liked within the confines of the front seating area of my van and the flat design made it easy to tuck away in the nooks and crannies of my center console.

Who should buy the TYLT RIBBN:

Anyone looking at a car charger should consider the TYLT RIBBN. It’s definitely not the cheapest charger. You can buy a significantly cheaper charger on eBay, but this is a case of you get what you pay for. The TYLT RIBBN has a premium feel and build quality. Even the packaging is top notch.

What we liked:

  • Premium feel
  • Ribbon styled cord
  • color choices

What could be better:

  • A visible LED indicator would be nice
  • Detachable ribbon cable
  • Cheaper price


Are you looking for a cheap, plasticky, and unreliable charger that you’ll have to replace in a month or so? If so, buy the $3 charger on eBay. If not, give the TYLT RIBBN a chance. You won’t regret spending the $39.99 that the TYLT RIBBN retails for.


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