Another day, but not another battery pack. If you’ve ever ready one of my battery reviews in the past(thank you), this one is for the outdoor types who need to stay powered up. Over the past few years we have seen many devices cater to the people who love to bicycle, run, hike, camp, sail, and every other activity under the sun.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 and Sony Xperia Z3 come to mind when I think of devices designed to withstand the elements. If mainstream devices are going extreme, we need the accessories to match and that’s where the UNIFUN 10400mAh Rugged Battery comes in to save the day. It’s not everyday we get to test gear designed for the rugged lifestyle, so let’s check it out.

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The body of the UNIFUN Rugged10400mAh Battery is constructed out of a hard orange plastic, with a softer gray plastic around the sides and in strips along the bottom and top. The gray plastic prevents the battery from sliding around on smooth surface and makes gripping the battery more comfortable.

The three USB ports are protected by an attached plastic guard which swings out of the way to allow access. Two of the USB ports serve as outlets for charging two devices at the same time, while there is a micro-USB input for charging the battery itself. According to UNIFUN this battery has an IP66 rating which means it is 100% dust proof and resistant to powerful water jets.

There is a single button that is used to both turn on and off the flashlight and to check the charge level that the battery is holding. The UNIFUN Rugged Battery also has a small plastic loop on a short side to allow for it to be clipped to a backpack or on to a waistband (you’ll need to buy your own clip).

The only downside, which is understandable, is this battery is slightly larger than portable batteries that aren’t designed to withstand the elements.

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The UNIFUN Rugged 10400mAh Battery was very intuitive to use – straight out of the box I was able to find the single button and turn the flashlight on/off without looking up instructions. Letting my Samsung Galaxy Note 5 die down and charging it all the way back up with the battery was a breeze. There was still half or more of the charge left for me the next day when I forgot to charge my phone overnight.

To test the water resistance I ran it under the faucet, with the protective flap covered, and wiped it down. I found no water within the charging ports and everything worked as advertised. I repeated this process ten times to make sure it wasn’t a fluke and it proved worthy.

Not that I actually enjoy testing durability of products, as I was raised to take care of the things I own, I dropped it on solid concrete from waist height. It picked up a few minor smudges, which wiped off with ease, and didn’t even appear to had ever dropped. I can imagine the UNIFUN Rugged 10400mAh Battery at the bottom of my backpack when I go hiking and worrying if I can drop my backpack or not. I wish all of my gadgets came with this kind of protection.

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Model: U821

Capacity: 10400mAh

Input: 5V/2A

Out1: 5V/1A(MAX)

Out2: 5V/2 .1A(MAX)

Size: 147.5×75.5×28.5mm

Weight: 300g

4 Integrated LED indicators show power level


With the $20 Amazon price for the UNIFUN Rugged 10400mAh Battery, it is a must-have in any disaster-preparedness kit. In fact the CDC recommends having batteries and flashlights in your kit! It isn’t just designed for your smartphone or tablet, but any USB powered device. Beyond the disaster kit, if you’re the outdoors or active type of person, look no further than the UNIFUN Rugged 10400mAh Battery. It will keep up with your lifestyle with a durable and rugged body and certified with an IP66 rating.

If you’re interested in purchasing the UNIFUN Rugged 10400mAh battery, head on over to by clicking this link.


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  1. I actually got one of these for a trip to Hawaii. I had three other, similar-capacity battery packs, but they were not ruggedized nor had covers for the USB ports.

    Originally intending to use it to recharge my devices when they needed it. I ended up plugging a long USB cable into it, and connecting my camera, using it as an external power source. This let me do pictures and videos without worrying of running out of power. I kept it in my pocket. The USB cable kept coming unplugged, so I used a ziptie thru the ring and around the plug, putting pressure on it, to keep it plugged in.

    I took it all over Oahu, and over to Kauai. I also used it to occasionally recharge my phone.

    On one of the last days there, I was in the ocean, knee-deep, taking pictures above and below the water with my camera in a waterproof case. I had the unplugged USB cable around my neck. A sudden surprise wave hit me at waist-level, and I checked the power pack. Due to the USB plug being ziptied in, the rubber door couldn’t be closed. Water had gotten inside the USB ports. I knew it was a goner.

    The power LEDs started flickering, then the flashlight came out, and could not be turned off. I shook out as much water as I could. When I got back to the hotel room 20 minutes later, the flashlight was flickering, then going steady, then eventually I got it to shut off, until it turned itself back on, and repeated the flickering/steady action.

    I turned it over to dump out any remaining sea water, and solid grey water poured out of the USB ports. In vain I tried rinsing it out with some alcohol, but the damage had been done. The reflector inside the flashlight had even started showing rust-coloring.

    By the time I got home, the pack was completely dead, and the reflector inside the flashlight covered in rust-coloring.

    So if you get one of these, make absolutely sure you keep the door closed when you’re not using it.

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