The number of tech gadgets I own is getting embarrassingly high. Smartphone(s), tablet, smartwatch, fitness tracker, wireless headphones, Bluetooth speaker, and portable battery are some of the many portable gadgets I own.

Almost all tablets and smartphones come with single port USB chargers, but many accessories do not. The solution is to use the same wall charger while switching out the charging cable if need be. There’s also multi-port chargers which are nice to have, most of which go up to five output ports. The main issue with these desk style chargers is they don’t provide a good way to keep things organized which can lead to a mess.

Even though I live alone, this mess really bothers me and it has bothered me for a long time.

I like to be organized, and I finally broke down and did a search of charging stations that would clean up my bird’s nest of wires. That’s where the UNITEK 10-port charging station comes in to save the day.

Design and Usage


The UNITEK 10-port charging station is a flat charging station with 10 USB ports with each port able to deliver power at 2.4A. There’s also one USB port (at the end in the image with the green slot), that is Quick Charge 2.0 compatible meaning it can charge certain Android devices (Galaxy S6, S6 edge, Note 5, LG G4, LG V10) at maximum speeds. No matter what your device’s charging needs are, UNITEK’s smart circuitry will auto detect the proper settings and charge your devices safely for every individual port.

The flat charging station is designed with multiple slots to insert fins so you can organize your devices to fit your specific needs. When setting up the dividers, you’ll want to make sure to make them fit as tightly as possible for larger items like my iPad Pro 12.9″. If the dividers are too far apart, the tablet will lean on the plastic divider which will cause it to bend. If it’s set up properly though, it will have no issue with holding it upright. It’s all about physics and torque. The more upright the heavy item is, the less pressure it will put on the fins holding it up.


You can keep the slots narrow to slide in smartphones, batteries or tablets, while leaving wider charging slots for things like wireless headphones and smartwatches. What’s particularly nice about having 10 USB ports to pick from, is the ability to add devices when I make another purchase. The fins are not permanent installations meaning you can reconfigure the setup anytime you want.

There are some of you who are thinking, “Why do I need 10 charging ports when I only have three devices?” The answer is you don’t need 10 charging slots right now, but you may in the future. As technology progresses, more and more products that once required wired connections are now going wireless. In my case, I really need more than five charging ports for my desk.

With a charger of this capacity, if you were to charge 10 devices at a single time, it naturally generates heat during the energy transfer. However, UNITEK planned for that scenario quite well and installed various vents all over the device.


With the adequate ventilation, I never experienced heat concerns, nor is there a need for an active fan to cool the charger. There’s only one input to power this charging station which is nice for keeping my wall outlet free to use for things like a desk lamp, or desktop speakers. The power input is also compatible with 100-240V meaning you can use it worldwide without a converter.

After taking about five minutes to set the charging station up, my desk went from mess to organized and freed up quite a bit of space.





The result speaks for itself. Look how much cleaner my desk is with the UNITEK 10-port charging station. This charging station is also good for families and can be set-up in common areas like the kitchen or living room since the footprint is so small. It’s simply a great way to stay organized while only using one wall outlet.


The UNITEK 10-port Charging Station with QC 2.0 is available to purchase at Amazon for $59.99 with free Prime Shipping. If you have a need to charge multiple devices, as well a need for cleaning up messy wires, the UNITEK charging station is a great charger that I can recommend wholeheartedly.

I feel so much better that my desk is organized, but even better I love not having to unplug and plug devices in, with my limited 5-port charging station I used to deal with before this charger saved the day.

Learn more about the UNITEK 10-port Charging Station with QC 2.0 at Amazon.


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