We live in the mobile age. Our phones are now like swiss army knives. They can do just about anything. You can watch TV, monitor your home, change your thermostat, call people, etc… So why not lock and unlock your doors? The Quicklock Doorlock allows you to do just that.

The Quicklock Doorlock overview

The Quicklock Doorlock is a replacement door handle and lock. It forgoes the traditional key and keyhole approach and brings the lock setup into the modern age. It uses RFID and Bluetooth technologies to unlock your door from the outside.

In order to use The Quicklock Doorlock with Bluetooth, you’ll need an Android or iOS device that has Bluetooth 4.0. Simply push the open the app and press the button on the front and your in. It uses a security code that allows you to connect via Bluetooth. You’ll need to input the security code the first time you connect.

Once connected you can change the security code and look at the access log of all the times the device has been accessed and by who. The downside is that anyone who has the code can change the settings of the device. So anyone could potentially lock others out of Bluetooth access. I’d love to see a guest mode that would allow for a guest code to be created.

The RFID is much simpler. Press the button on the front and wave the RFID tag in front of the reader and the door will unlock. The downside here is that any RFID tag can be programmed to the lock using the correct procedure. Of course, you need an RFID tag that’s already been programmed in order to make it work. The key here is to make sure that only people you trust implicitly have access to the RFID tag.

What I’d love to see here is to initiate the programming via Bluetooth. I think this will solve the problem.

The Quicklock Doorlock setup

The Quicklock Doorlock is fairly easy to set up. According to their website you can do it in less than 10 minutes. I would say that is pretty close to accurate. It may take a little longer for someone who is not used to installing door knobs.

I found that it was fairly easy. If you can use a screwdriver and you can follow instructions, then you can install the Quicklock Doorlock. Once you have inserted the batteries and installed the door lock you can connect your device via Bluetooth and change the security code to something more secure than 12345678.

The included RFID fobs and cards will work automatically without the need to program it.

The Quicklock Doorlock usage

One area where the Quicklock absolutely shines is the build quality. Once fitted together everything feels very solid. Opening the door has a satisfying feel to it and the lock and unlocking functions have a satisfying sound.

Using the RDID tags is the easiest way to use the device. Opening the device via Bluetooth is easy as well, but it takes the extra steps of unlocking your phone and launching the app. One nice feature of the app is that you can have the door automatically unlock when you open the app.

One unique feature that takes a little getting used to is the unique design of the door handle. Instead of the traditional knob and lever designs, Quicklock uses two loops that are shaped somewhat like a deadbolt turner. The loops also have to be turned a little more to the right or left to open the door than a traditional door handle would need to be turned. In my case, this was advantageous as I have 2 small children. My 4-year-old figured it out after showing him how to use it, but it is still a little much for my 2-year-old.

The lock runs on 4 double A batteries. According to Quicklock, the batteries will last for about one year. I’m sure that is dependant on how often you use the lock, but still a year is quite a long time. The lock will start to warn you when the batteries get to 30% so you should have ample time to change out the batteries. You can also view the battery levels through the app’s interface.

The app itself is the one area where I would like to see some improvements made. With a few improvements and tweaks, they could make the whole experience much better. I mentioned a few already in the overview section. I’d like to see a home screen widget for locking and unlocking the door.

What we liked

  • Bluetooth capability
  • RDID reading
  • Access logs
  • Build quality

What could be better

  • Guest access mode
  • More features in the app

4.13 out of 5 stars

Overall the Quicklock Doorlock is an interesting piece of technology. I think with a few small software changes and improvements would make this product flawless. I was very impressed with the build quality and feel of the Doorlock. It just makes sense. You can purchase the Quicklock Doorlock on Amazon for $149 with free shipping.

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