Urban Armor Gear has great cases that offer excellent protection and good looks

Admittedly I am not much of a fan of cases. I usually have found that they’re too bulky for what they offer and make my devices uncomfortable to hold due to the size change. Phones are already pretty big with 5.7″ displays, so adding on a case is only going to make the device less manageable.

While Otterbox and LifeProof make cases that can withstand being abused, I think they’re just too big and ugly to put on my devices. And some of their cases are really expensive to boot with some costing $100.

While I was on a recent business trip, I for the first time ever dropped my tablet and cracked the display. I had to buy a replacement, and this time after feeling the pain of that added expense, I went looking for protection. I came across Urban Armor Gear and got one of its cases to protect my tablet. While browsing through the products, I also grabbed a case for my LG V10 just to try one out. For the first time in a long time, I came away impressed with cases and might have found a long term solution for protecting my devices.

LG V10 UAG Ice case design – LINK Price $39.95


  • Feather-light composite construction
  • Armor shell and impact resistant soft core
  • Non-slip ruggedized grip
  • Easy access to touch-screen and ports
  • Scratch resistant skid pads and screen surround
  • Compatible with LG V10 fingerprint reader
  • Meets military drop-test standards (MIL STD 810G 516.6)

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Black composite case – LINK Price $69.95


  • Compatible with Microsoft Type Cover keyboard
  • Feather-light composite construction
  • Impact resistant soft core
  • Over sized tactile buttons
  • Air vents to keep things cool
  • Water resistant grip material
  • Easy access to touchscreen and ports
  • Un-compromised audio and video
  • Aluminum kick-stand with 5 angular positions
  • Meets military drop-test standards (MIL STD 810G 516.6) when used with Microsoft Type Cover keyboard

Fit, feel and usage


When I pulled both cases from their respective packaging, the first observation I made was how well built the UAG cases were. Both cases clearly have a lot effort put into the exterior design and are intelligently designed. There are exact cutouts for vents on the Surface Pro as well as cutouts for every single slot on the LG V10. With a visual inspection the slots are perfectly centered.


The V10 UAG Ice case has grips built into the sides as well as notches in the back which helps improve gripping the phone. This case would be extremely useful for the iPhone and S6 edge which are both slippery. The clear case also allows me to show off the blue V10 that is exclusive to AT&T, and it also has screws in the back which make it look even more rugged.

Sliding the V10 into the case was also a unique experience where it fit perfectly. I didn’t have to force the phone in, and even better when I tried to pull it back out the rubber around the corners flexed enough to pull it out with ease. Some cases fit so tightly that when you pull them off they almost rip the phone in two, but that wasn’t the experience I had with the UAG Ice. It’s the little details like that which differentiates UAG from other case manufacturers, and is why I think they are of such high caliber.

While the case is designed to truly protect the V10 from drops, which it should do just fine, it also looks really good at the same time. For once you don’t have to sacrifice good looks for functionality with cases.


The aluminum UAG sign on the back matches the metal on the sides of the V10, and the black accents make the case look rugged. There are also grooves and notches in the back which make the large V10 much easier to hold in one hand. The grooves allow for a user to place his/her fingertips into the back giving them much more control.

As for the Surface Pro 3 composite case, it gave me the same experience. It fit like a glove. The case comes with a MIL STD 810G 516.6 rating which means it provides shock protection up to military standards. The case most likely would have saved me over $1k if I had it on my first Pro 3 that I dropped and broke. The kickstand is made from aluminum with five different adjustment positions and is perfect when used with the Microsoft Type Cover Keyboard as well.

The Surface Pro 3 has been my goto device for when I travel and the UAG case has not scuffed or scratched for two months of usage. Other cases tend to look beat up over time but this one looks good as new. It is well worth the $69.99 MSRP.


Urban Armor Gear has become an instant favorite of mine when it comes to device protection. Going caseless is like playing Russian Roulette with your devices.

You may be like me where you rarely, if ever drop a device, but if you ever do it can be a costly mistake. If you want a case that matches the quality of your LG V10, iPhone 6S, Galaxy S6 or S7, you should give strong consideration to UAG’s cases. UAG is nothing short of impressive with its ability to offer extreme shock resistance, good looks, and improved grippability with its cases.

Learn more at urbanarmorgear.com.

Or purchase the V10 case here and the Surface Pro 3 case here from amazon.com.


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