The market is crowded with low cost battery banks and chances are you have already owned a few.  As mobile enthusiasts, it seems that manufacturers always mange to outpace battery technology by designing faster and more power hungry mobile phones and devices.  That, and the fact that we are all using mobile devices more hours than ever before.  But really, do I need to come up with a reason you need help to get you through a single day?

The Ventev powercell 6000c is a cool looking, solid battery bank.  It fits well in the hand and is primarily made of nice metal that doesn’t show fingerprints.  The color also nicely matches the rest of the unit. The LED charge indicator across the top is perfectly functional and provides an at-a-glance view of remaining charge.

Key specifications:

  • Can charge 2 devices at once
  • Built in durable micro USB cable plus standard USB type A port
  • Micro USB charges at 2.1 A and USB at 1A
  • 6000 mAh capacity

The durable non-removable micro USB cable is rubbery and just the right length to reach a phone without leaving slack.  The cable fits snuggly back into the powercell just enough so that it will not fall out.  The other side has the micro USB port for charging the battery as well as a USB A port for charging whatever else you might have. Indeed, you can plug in a second device to charge at the same time.


During my testing the unit functioned well and exactly as expected.  During charging and discharging it never smelled odd or got warm to the touch.  I found that even with my old Nexus 4’s battery, this was a welcome companion that can get me through the heaviest two days of usage I could throw at it.  I really liked having the integrated microUSB cable; I couldn’t lose it.

At 6,000mAh, this is enough to charge most of today’s flagship and larger smartphones two times over. Older models and those with smaller capacities may get a third charge out of the unit before having to replenish.


In conclusion, I really enjoyed using the Ventev powercell for this review.  If you are in the market for an aesthetically pleasing, well-built power bank in the 6,000mAh range than this will serve you well.  When shopping around for this unit, you will find cheaper products that have higher capacities, cooler power gauges, flashy colors, and other features you probably don’t need.  In essence, you are paying for the build quality for this powercell. Like everything else we’ve seen from them, Ventev’s is a no-frills solution that delivers on its promises.

Where to buy

As of today you can pick up the Ventev powercell 6000c direct from the manufacturer’s website for $70. Newegg also offers the device for roughly the same price.

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