Everyone is looking for more and more security in today’s world and home security is a big one. Lucky for us, we can get security cameras for our homes much cheaper than they once were, and they are much easier to install. Vimtag has quite a few options when it comes to IP Cloud cameras that can suit your needs. Today, we have Vimtag’s $130 P1 Smart Cloud IP Camera.

There are so many different areas this camera can be used for besides the obvious security. For example, baby monitoring. I can tell you from recent experience, shopping for a regular baby monitor can be expensive and the quality of the feed isn’t always great. But with the P1 Camera, you can get a quality feed plus once your baby doesn’t need a monitor it can be used for other things.

Set Up


Getting the Vimtag P1 setup is a simple process that it can’t really even be classified as a process. Plug in your new shiny camera and let it do its calibration. Note: If you are using Ethernet, there is an adapter that you need to plug in that comes in the box. You can set up the camera through either the app or the website; I chose the app. Once you’ve opened the app, you must create a username and password then log in.

Vimtag13After you’ve logged in, you are taken to what I call the hub. This is where all your Vimtag devices live. You click the add device button and a QR Code Scanner pops up. Scan the code on the bottom of your camera. Once that is complete, you will be given a QR Code on your phone to scan with the camera, and then wham bam thank you, ma’am, your camera is ready to rock and roll.


I have played with lots of different kinds of tech devices over the years, and I can honestly say that this is one of the simplest products I have seen. Set up is a breeze and just basic monitoring is easy; of course, there are many setting for advanced monitoring. I have to make one tiny comment about the operation of the camera. While it is true that operation is simple, it’s not obvious how to make the camera move around. I went to the monitoring website to look for extra settings, and I scrolled over the feed while it was playing. I noticed arrows at each edge. That’s how I discovered how to maneuver the camera up, down, and a complete 360 degrees, which is awesome. I believe they should include that in the pamphlet that comes with it since some may not discover it on their own.

Let’s start off by discussing the camera feed. We all have seen convenience store videos where the video is choppy and grainy. It’s hard to make anything out. What’s even crazier is you know they spent a ton of money for the equipment and installation. The P1’s video is clear and has the ability to zoom in 4 times. The audio is equally clear, and it has the added feature to talk from the app or website through the camera to whoever is in the room.

There are a ton of settings that you can use to configure each camera. In fact, there are so Vimtag17many that I won’t be able to cover them all, but I will hit a few highlights. One big feature I like is being able to schedule recording. You can set up to four schedules for as long as you want and whatever days you want, or you can simply choose to record 24/7. For that, you will need extra storage which is discussed later.

Motion detection is one of my favorite features this device has. You have quite a few options when it comes to using this one. A quick snapshot can be taken and stored, or you can record what is happening when the camera detects motion. Alerts can also be set up so that you get a notification on your computer or phone when something trips the sensor. This is great to have when away from your house on vacation or just at the store. Make sure you use the notifications only when you’re away because if your camera is in a high traffic area, your phone will be going off every few seconds when people move.

The last thing is mounting your camera. It comes with a kit that allows you to mount it if you choose to do so. You can mount it with two simple screws which will give you free range of motion to record with. If you choose to mount your camera upside down, you go into the settings under Others and toggle the flip switch, or your feed will be upside down.

Other Features

  • Multi User Support
  • Night Vision
  • 360 degree audio pickup
  • SD Card support


S1 Cloud Box

I said we would discuss storage later and here it is…the bonus review. If you have one camera that you are only using for minimal recording or perhaps only doing snapshots of motion, then you probably don’t need extra storage as it will just save to your phone or an SD card in the camera itself. But if you are using the camera for a business or are really hardcore about your security, then you may want extra storage. That’s where the S1 Cloud Box comes into play. The S1 comes with 1TB of storage for $150 so you can record 24/7.

The S1 can handle four feeds at one time which means you can store for up to 60 days. You can retrieve the data from the box via the internet whenever you want. So make sure this item is tucked away out of site so any thieves can’t find it.

Setting this device up is just as simple as the camera, if not more simple. After you plug in the device and connect it to your router, you go into the Settings menu in the app and navigate to storage. Click the QR Code button and scan it with your phone, and just like that, it’s ready to go.


The need for security is definitely much higher than it use to be. We don’t live in a Leave it to Beaver society where you can leave your doors unlocked and be fine. You need something to monitor your house while you’re gone. But if you’re not really worried about that, there are still other uses such as monitoring elderly loved ones or even keeping up with your dog while you’re away. No matter your reason, the Vimtag P1 Smart Cloud IP Camera and S1 Cloud Box are fantastic options for you.

*As of June 2 the P1 Smart Cloud IP Camera is on sale for $109.95 until June 10th*

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