At First Glance

The Bluetooth Connect-to-Cell DS6670-6C by V-Tech is one of the easiest ways to give up your Landline while keeping handsets around the house. This model features a base equipped with one handset, an earpiece, and comes with four additional extension units to place about your home. This model allows for up to two paired cells, and a landline connection as well.


The handsets have a beautiful design and come in two colors with all purchases. Two of the extension handsets come in white, while the others remain like the base unit and silver/black. The handsets are very sleek, narrow, and long, which at times may make the handsets a uneasy in hand. The buttons are easy to use, as with most of VTech’s lineup.

Operation and Ease of Use

VTech’s Landline models offer simplicity and a variety of features all at the same time, this model is no exception. The Menu option features your usual categories such as time/date, announced caller ID, and ringtones. A great feature is that ringtones are customizable per the device ringing so that way you can associate which line (up to 3) is ringing.

Intercom System

A dedicated intercom is integrated into this system, connecting you from one handset to another or the earpiece.

Push to Talk (PTT) System

On the upper right hand side, there is a Push to Talk button that will connect to one individual handset of your choosing each time or the entire handset system. You can easily make an announcement to the handsets in your home, and persons listening can reply back to you in a two way radio (aka walkie-talkie) style.

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Bluetooth Connection

This unit pairs with up to two mobile devices via Bluetooth. You may also upload your contacts to the system for easier recognition of your mobile callers. Call quality is great when connected to a mobile device with normal to full cell coverage.


You can initiate a call on either cell by dialing in the number you’d like to reach and then press either the “Cell 1” or “Cell 2” buttons to dial out. When you receive a call on either lines, landline/home, cell one, or cell two, an LED indicator will direct you as to which to answer when ringing.

Wireless Earpiece

While I wouldn’t call this a Bluetooth earpiece, as it does not connect to your cell separately, the headset works for you when you need it via landline or any of the cellular devices. In testing, it was especially handy when multi-tasking.

What We Missed:

VTech kept the Connect to Cell™ true to the brand in most aspects.

  •  Handset Naming (While you could always PTT to the group, sometimes you need to PTT or Intercom directly to a handset  and remembering which handset is in what room is not exactly the easiest of tasks.)
  • Optional Belt Clip on Handsets (Personally I never much use them, but they are very handy to some, and a classic feature of many VTech Phone models.)


This system makes it easy to stay connected without running through your home every time your phone rings. Great battery life with all handsets is a definite plus. Standard features such as speakerphone, intercom, ringtone selection, and an optional use answering machine makes this your average advanced system and more.

There is an integration application that may be found on the Google Play Store at no cost to alert your system of a variety of other alerts. Sadly, this application hasn’t been updated in almost a year and while some users are having issues with the current version, it is not needed for this system.

I definitely love this phone set and it has made staying in touch much easier.You can check out the Connect-to-Cell DS6670-6C Home System on sale for $149.95 for a limited time at the VTech Store.

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