Wireless headphones have certainly taken hold in the mobile accessory market. What was once highly limited to big brand names has now been infiltrated by unknown brands at ultra competitive prices. It’s been a personal quest of mine to review low-budget accessories because there are so many options that make a whole lot of sense. While brands like Bose and Beats are sure to please many, the prices are out of reach for most.

I’ve been using VTIN’s VRazr wireless sport headphones that are priced under $20 and are well worth the price.

Build and Usage


When it comes to in ear Bluetooth headphones, there are a few styles to select from. True wireless earbuds now exist in the form of the Gear IconX and Bragi Dash, but those suffer from poor battery life and high first generation pricing. There aren’t many people who are willing to spend $200 on a set of wireless earbuds that only last 1-3 hours on a single charge.

There are Bluetooth earbuds with a neck piece that contains the internal electronic components with earpieces that come from them and slide into your ears.

The Bluetooth earbuds like the VTIN VRazr in the image above provide grip onto your ears while the internals are in each ear piece, and are connected by a single wire. Each style of Bluetooth earbuds has its own benefits and downfalls. The main benefit of the over ear style wireless earbuds is comfort for those with smaller ears. Many people don’t like to wear a neck band and in ear wireless earbuds like the Gear IconX can simply be too big for most. With the three included silicone tips, this style of earbud is rather comfortable and can be worn for several hours at a time without fatigue.

JayBird made the ear fin style popular as an alternative to bulky ear grips, but again those aren’t always comfortable for everyone.


In the image above, you can see where the ear hook holds the component that houses the internal electronics. Connected to that is a traditional shaped earpiece that most are familiar with from similar wired ear pieces. Inside is where the battery, wireless components and controls reside.


The power button sits in the middle flanked by the +/- buttons that control loudness and tracks. The microphone for taking phone calls also sits in the same ear piece.

Battery life is rated at six hours, but I frequently averaged about 4-5 hours mainly because I listen to these at 80% of max volume. The VRazrs also use the aptX driver to deliver CD-like quality over Bluetooth. When you buy Bluetooth headphones you should always look for the aptX driver as data over wireless is limited. aptX helps compress the music in a way that still sounds good. It’s clear from the moment you put the VRazrs on that they do have the aptX driver as the earbuds sound balanced, warm and powerful. Older generation Bluetooth earbuds generally suffer from weak and tinny sound due to the inability to transfer music at a fast enough rate.

When it comes to any style of headphones, they have to sound good first and foremost. All other features are secondary to sound quality and the VTIN VRazrs definitely are worthy of its price.

I wouldn’t say call quality is great when using these outdoors. When I tested them out they suffered from background noise, but indoors they performed adequately. Considering the cost is just $18, it’s hard to expect every area of these earbuds to be flawless.


It’s a very good thing we have companies like VTIN who offer mobile accessories at such affordable prices. While you may not recognize VTIN like you would Beats or Bose, these cost 1/10th of the price while offering very similar performance.

Right now the VTIN VRazrs are just $12.99 at Amazon with discount code FPZKO7W6, making these an extremely good deal. With free Prime Shipping it seriously makes me wonder how VTIN can make a profit priced at just $12.99. Build quality, sound reproduction and battery life in the VTIN VRazrs are all very good and the price is just icing on the cake.

If you’d like to take advantage of this AndroidGuys’ exclusive discount, head on over to Amazon and get the VTIN VRazrs for  $12.99 at Amazon with discount code FPZKO7W6.


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