Last week we uploaded our Galaxy Note 9 review and had some overall positive words to say about the device. Such a device is an investment though, and with phones rising in price, you should protect them. That’s where Whitestone Dome arrives. They have, over the past few years, created the best, tempered-glass screen protectors especially for phones with curved displays.

The reason Whitestone Dome’s tempered glass protectors are better than others is in part due to the installation process. They use a process called curing, which uses a UV light to dry solution under the glass. In this process, the adhesive thoroughly covers the display instead of just the corners or sides, like other protectors. Also included in their process in an installation tray, and other accessories to make it virtually impossible to screw applying the screen. The total process takes about 30 minutes, but I assure you, it’s worth it.

There is a little thickness to your Note 9 after you install the screen, not too much to disturb any case. Also, there may be a slight smell for a few hours afterward due to the curing process. Now though, your phone’s display is protected against scratches and impact. Note that glass is still glass and it can still break. You still need to keep your phone in safe conditions, or you’ll have to implement Whitestone Dome’s lifetime warranty process.

With the Whitestone Dome screen protector, you near-$1000 phone now has a great chance of keeping its display in perfect condition. The Note 9 is a great device and keeping it looking good should be something you’d want to do with it. For all this easy and worthwhile protection, Whitestone Dome’s screen protector is $45 for a 1-pack, $60 for a 2-pack. You can get them on Amazon via the link below.

Let us know how you’re liking your protected Galaxy Note 9, and your general thoughts on the phone as well.

Amazon: Whitestone Dome Glass Galaxy Note 9 (1-pack)

Amazon: Whitestone Dome Glass Galaxy Note 9 (2-pack)

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