Take a look at your phone. It’s okay, I am not going anywhere. Apart from the fingerprints, smudges and pizza sauce from your lunch earlier, you just stared at something that is 10 times dirtier than your toilet seat. Now I don’t know about you but I am really rethinking about having checked my emails while I was eating lunch today. Now before you go and take all of your cleaning supplies out of your cabinet, I may have a solution for all of your smartphone cleaning needs, the WHOOSH! Screen Shine Go.

What’s In The Box

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Well, it’s not so much a box as it is a sealed pouch, but I digress. What you get when you order a WHOOSH! Screen Shine Go is of course the bottle, which hold 30 mL of cleaning fluid, and an orange anti-microbial cleaning cloth. Other than that, they kept it nice and minimal and did not  include any unnecessary paper in the packaging.

How Did It Fare

The WHOOSH! Screen Shine Go, which I will now be addressing as just the WHOOSH! Go, did a great job in cleaning my phone. I honestly had not cleaned it with dedicated cleaner fluid in a very long time and I had forgotten how the screen looked without all the oil from my hands keeping it down. The screen looked, for lack of a better term, clean. The screen had not looked that nice since I opened the box and took it out when I first bought it. The fluid also has a natural proprietary polymer formula that “ literally repels and resists dust, smudges and fingerprints.” While nothing is going to be able to keep your phone 100% smudge proof, I did notice that the WHOOSH! Go made it so that there were less smudges whenever I needed to use my phone.

Environment Friendly

Now, what really makes the WHOOSH! Go such a great product other than it’s great cleaning abilities is that you are getting to help the environment while you do it. WHOOSH! states that their cleaning fluid is “100% natural, non-hazardous, non-toxic and environmentally friendly”. Now you do not have to worry about accidentally getting the cleaning liquid on anything since it is completely harmless.

Final Thoughts

I really liked the WHOOSH! Go. Not just because it did a great job in cleaning my smartphone and helping it look newer, but because it did so in a natural way. If you have not ever used a dedicated smartphone cleaner, or you just need to replace your current one, the WHOOSH! Go is definitely a good option. You can learn more about the WHOOSH! Go by going to their website or by heading over to Amazon.

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