The WiseWear Kingston is a beautiful bracelet that combines a sleek and elegant look with innovative technology designed to track your activities using the WiseWear app. There are many wearable devices with activity tracking and mobile notifications as their features but few that can pass off as an actual piece of fine jewelry. The WiseWear Socialite Smart Bracelet is able to achieve that. It’s a fashion piece that just happens to track activities and notifications.

The Kingston, a Palladium colored bracelet in the WiseWear Socialite Collection, arrived in a true jewelry box. From the outset I found everything to be beautifully crafted, much like the bracelet itself.

Initial setup involved placing the bracelet on the USB charger (included) for about 4 hours. After the bracelet was charged I downloaded the WiseWear app and began to sync the bracelet, via Bluetooth, to my iPhone. The app is available on iPhone 5 or newer, running on iOS 9 or newer and for Android users running on Android 5.0 or newer.


  • Made with precious metals like 18k Gold and Palladium
  • Activity Tracking (steps, calories burned, distance, active time)
  • Notifications
  • Water-Resistant
  • 72 hours per charge
  • Distress Messaging (three taps)

To help customize your activity tracking and mobile notification setup the app guides you through a series of questions, taking less than five minutes to complete. You’re asked to input an emergency contact name and phone number. As a key feature the bracelet has the ability to connect you to that person by tapping 3 times during a time of distress. As someone who enjoys evening and nighttime work outs, this feature was very important to me. After setup, I was excited to wear the bracelet and use all the features.

Socialite is a smart bracelet designed to keep you safe, healthy, and connected to what matters most. Each bracelet serves as a safety device with a unique distress messaging feature, provides real-time mobile notifications, and tracks your activity. By concealing advanced technology inside beautiful jewelry, Socialite empowers you feel your most confident on the inside and out!

I had a workout planned right after setup where I was able to test the activity tracking capabilities. In preparation for all my workouts I usually take off all jewelry and found myself almost doing the same with the Socialite, due to the weight of the bracelet on my arm. The weight took a little adjusting to, coming in around 77 grams. The bracelet was very comfortable to wear outside getting adjusted to the weight of the bracelet during exercise.

Immediately after my workout I checked my phone to see the tracking of the activity and was impressed by the simple charts and how quickly the information was synced. During the workout I also received notifications of emails by a few slight vibrations.

I proceeded to wear the Socialite for a few days for work and errands. The battery typically last 72 hours on a full charge, but my experience was that just after less than six hours of wear I would receive a red light notifying me of a low battery. To be safe, at the end of the day, I would place the bracelet on charge. I’d like to point out that it stayed connected throughout my entire time with the wearable.

The Kingston is one of three designs in the Socialite Collection with prices ranging from $295-$345. The bracelet can be purchased on the WiseWear website,, or from select retailers listed on the website.

The minimalist design of each bracelet makes any of the three wearable for both men and women to enjoy. Overall I really enjoyed the ability to go from work to work out to being able to enjoy a night out with the Socialite line complementing it all.

Because I wear silver jewelry daily and I generally go for a minimalist look when it comes to outfits, the Palladium version of the Kingston complemented my work outfits well. Moreover I liked being able to transition to a night out with friends without the hassle of trying to find matching jewelry for that particular outfit.

The Socialite bracelet may seem very expensive but the quality and overall look is well worth the price tag.

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