The folks over at PenPower Technology have a new thing for us to take a look at, and it aims to give us a new way of organizing contacts and turning any business card into a digital phone contact. Pretty cool, right? Here’s the setup:



We’ve got the all-aluminum base holding the phone tall in the front and a foldable stand in the back to put the business card. The bronze-looking bar in front of the card can slide up and down to hold the card in place. The kit comes with an activation code to use within the WorldCard Mobile Lite app to access all the features. The app isn’t the easiest thing to use, and it’s still stuck in the Gingerbread era in terms of design and usability which is a big no-no in my department. Design aside, the app uses your phone’s camera to automatically focus on and detect a business card, take a picture of it, and convert it into information you need.


For the sake of good ol’ Andy’s privacy, I did cover up the information, but I promise you the data matched up perfectly and the application scanned the card’s contents and put them in the right areas, which included first and last name, phone numbers of both personal and work and street addresses. I was impressed.

But I’m very happy that the contacts aren’t just stored within the app, but you are able to sync them with whatever social media you desire. I immediately was able to sync Andy’s contact with my Google and LinkdIn account quite easily.

WorldCard Mobile Kit has different applications for multiple types of operating systems, including iOS, Mac X10.6.8 and up, Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP and of course, Android 2.3 and up. I am only using the Android version, so I will not be using the full experience of syncing across phone and desktop.

The entire kit costs $59.95, but is it worth it? That depends. The idea of using the stand is for convenience and getting rid of the “shaky hand” effect when trying to take pictures of your business cards yourself, but I’m not sure if paying that much is worth it, especially since having shaky hands for picture taking isn’t a problem for most people. It’s a nice design, and I’m a fan of the quality materials put into the product, but unless you have stacks and stacks of business cards you need to quickly convert into the cloud, I’m not sure if you need this. My main point is this product is for a specific group of people who deal with meeting of a lot of new contacts and clients and need a quick way to organize those contacts so you can see them on your phone or laptop whenever. Plus, the price of the kit also unlocks the full potential of the app you can get on the App Store and Play Store.

If you need something on your desk handy enough to convert contact cards for digital use, then yes, give this a try! Here’s a link to their webpage for more information.



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