Having already posted about the X-Mini speaker range and its incredible potential given its size, you can imagine that when the guys over at Xmi Pte Ltd sent me a review unit to take for a spin I was very excited.

The X-Mini ME unit I reviewed was the speaker without Bluetooth so relied on a wired connection to receive sound from the source. Out of the box you’re provided a cable in order to connect to the audio source and that also doubles as a charging lead. The X-Mini ME felt very solid throughout the time I reviewed it, and I would be confident that it would survive being roughly handled or even dropped without falling to pieces.

First thing’s first, the size is absolutely tiny. I knew it would be small having covered the press release, but when I unboxed it I was simply surprised at just how small this thing is. The specs are as follows to give an appreciation of the form factor, and also what they’ve managed to cram into it:

Dimensions: 44mm x 38mm
Net Weight: 44g
Speaker: Magnetically Shielded 31mm (3.6Ω)
Loudspeaker Output: 1.5W
Frequency Response: 200Hz-20kHz
Signal-to-Noise: ≥80dB
Distortion: ≤0.3%
Playback Time: Up to 6 hours
Battery Capacity: 230mAh
Battery Charging Voltage: 5V (USB)
Battery Charge Time: Minimum of 1.5 hours

For reference, I took a picture of the X-Mini ME speaker next to my lens cap to give a bit of perspective around the size of the device.


Now whilst size is obviously important, and the X-Mini ME speaker scores maximum points for portability, what matters is the sound quality. What’s the point of being able to carry a speaker everywhere that doesn’t perform when required?


Having used the X-Mini ME speaker extensively in a variety of situations at work, in the car, and in the garden etc. the device satisfied my expectation with the sound it delivered. The clarity is fantastic, and you’ll be forgiven if you thought the sound was being produced by a larger speaker; the size of the X-Mini ME definitely does not compromise quality.

Unfortunately that leads me onto the only bad point about the X-Mini ME, and it’s not exactly even a bad point when you remember just how small the speaker is. I often found the bass of the sound to be lacking and on the lower end of the scale as to what I’d consider acceptable with bass reproduction. I often found myself changing the song to a less bass-intensive track in order to avoid the sub-par bass emission that the X-Mini ME produced.


With that said, the X-Mini ME is still a tiny speaker, and it’s easy to fall into the mind-set of criticsing the device for producing a less than ideal bass line, but you have to remember and consider the form-factor. It’s not designed to rattle windows and walls, the X-Mini ME is designed to be placed inconspicuously in your backpack or placed in your pocket, forgotten about, and called upon when required to deliver sound to a wider audience when headphones just don’t cut it, and for that the X-Mini ME is absolutely brilliant.

The X-Mini ME speaker is available at the X-Mini Store.

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