Nobody wants to be a slob. Surely you were raised to keep a clean bedroom and personal space. The truth is, as we find out, things are easier said than done.

You need a regular cleaning routine to maintain some sanity and sanitation. Thankfully, keeping that routine couldn’t be easier these days. Yeedi has made an attempt to make this even smoother with a 3-in-1 vacuum station. Does it succeed? Let’s find out in this full review.


While yeedi won’t win any awards for disrupting the way a robo vacuum should look, the Vac Station will do a great job of winning you over. The construction is solid and all the connections and gadgets onboard seem sturdy.

On the “front” you have a bumper system that helps the yeedi bounce of objects with just a slight tap. To the rear, you can see the dust bin. Underneath this same area are the attachment mounts for the optional mopping combo.

Just above the dust bin is the top-loaded door to remove the bin and a cleaning brush. Also, the top side is a camera to help with the system’s 3D mapping (more on that later) and the power button. One note on power buttons. This LED button on the top basically just starts and pauses auto clean. A true power switch can be found under the door to the dust bin.

App and scheduling

On opening the box, the included materials do a good job of walking you through the setup process of getting the app. Once downloaded and the account created, you are then ready for your first zoom around the house.

Once the first few auto-cleaning cycles are completed, you can start to clean specific areas or designated rooms. I love to use this feature for the most trafficked segment of my house while maybe only hitting less traveled areas once a week.

Scheduling is just as easy. You also set these to the entire house or your rooms. Under cleaning schedules, you simply add a time and days you want the yeedi vac station to run and it takes care of the rest. If you can set an alarm on your phone, then you can get this setup. Just make sure doors to all the rooms on those days are open.

While the app does a great job of mapping the entirety of the house, I wish it was a little more granular with the room selections. Other apps have the ability to edit the outline of individual areas slightly better after the initial setup is complete. I have a large, open floor plan but don’t always want to clean the entire footprint each time. I wish I could split certain areas the yeedi sees as one large room.


With the power of 3D cameras, a .45-liter internal dust bin, and the optional .25-liter mopping tank, yeedi has a really robust system for cleaning. The main vacuum on the yeedi station has 3000Pa suction and it shows. I haven’t met much debris this thing won’t pick up.

Pair that with the rollers for pet hair and the intelligent floor identification and any surface in your home is well supported. The intelligent floor feature creates separate programming as the rollers get more resistance from things like carpet. This ramps up the suction of the vac and the RPMs of the rollers.

My one fault if I had to pick one out is the mop. While it will remove light dirt or drink marks off the floor, it’s far from a hand-mopped result. Now, this isn’t exclusive to the yeedi vac station and is something I’ve seen with every mop on a robo device. However, I wanted to point that out.

Cleans up the major flaw in robo vacs

The station is a real game-changer that yeedi has brought to the segment. Essentially, you have two vacuums in the combo. Of course, you have the vacuum on the robotic disc jogging thru your home, but the charger station has one as well.

What happens is that every time the yeedi vac needs to top off a charge or a cleaning cycle is completed, then the station empties the robo vac’s internal dust bin. You don’t have to lift a finger. The yeedi positions itself on the docking station and the vac station sucks it out.

Then what you say? Well, the removed dust bin is stored inside the vac station in a cleverly designed, bio-degradable vacuum bag. While I’d say mileage may vary, I’ve yet to fill this bag and yeedi estimates that in “most environments” you can get 30 consecutive days of use before you need to replace it. And you get your first replacement bag in the box.

Pleasantly surprised

I can’t say when I booked this review that I was excited about a vacuum. Despite my reservations, I found that yeedi’s vac station has added enough features and convenience to truly be impressed.

Pricing isn’t cheap on this great combination yeedi has put together with the vac station. For the full system, it will set you back $500 on the company’s website. While it is an investment I think the offering here by yeedi is worth it. You get a true 3-in-1 cleaning solution with a unique autocleaning feature.

Oh, and we’d be remiss to not mention that while you can go all-out with the vac station, the vacuum itself can be purchased without the auto-empty docking station as the yeedi vac max. This will get you the same great robo vacuum system and a charging deck for just $349.

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