I’m not a fan of cases. Like, big time. It irks me everytime my eye catches an otherwise sexy smartphone covered up in cheap plastic. So it’s quite peculiar when I have a headline that praises phone case.

The thing is, if you’ve handled a Galaxy S7 Edge, then you know that Samsung’s beautiful design comes with a major drawback – fragility. You have to baby this thing like no other, and it almost ruins the experience. The phone almost wants to slip away and let gravity claim it. This was just the case for one of our own, Derrick Miyao, when his naked S7 Edge crept out of his pocket.


I’ve had my own bad experience with the glass, and wrote about how a large crack/scratch developed on the back and hairline scratches on and around the Home button.

Despite my fondness for Samsung’s design, I’ve questioned if it was worth it. Enter the UAG Composite case:


UAG gives this phone what it’s missing, but also maintains style. As a case-hater, it’s interesting that there’s something about UAG’s design that keeps me coming back. Let’s check it out.


UAG’s case designs are industrial, and I dig it. Sure, you can argue that it kills the S7’s elegant vibe; I won’t disagree. But I find it just as attractive, just in a different way.

Despite being a rugged case, the S7 Edge is allowed to shine through. You can still see the phone’s silver sheen on the transparent “Ice” model that I have. The back is lined with these cool-looking, protruded members that extend from the corners/sides and meet up at the center. Then within each resulting pocket lies a faux screw, purely to push that industrial aesthetic.


The perimeter is made up of a substantial, matte black plastic. The material is thick and tough, but has a little flexibility to allow you to get your phone installed (and absorb impact, I imagine).

On the front, the case follows the S7 Edge’s contour to allow for the edges to be accessible and also to provide an effective lip on the top and bottom.


When you look at the ports on the bottom, you’ll see how substantial the protection is. UAG says that the case meets military drop-test standards (MIL-STD-810G).



Frankly, the UAG Composite case makes the S7 Edge usable. Three issues with the S7 Edge are: 1) The glass back is super slippery, 2) You barely have any grip on the sides, and 3) It’s easy to make accidental screen touches on the edges (especially when you’re reaching over to the other side of the screen). This UAG case fixes all of those problems.

It gives you a whole lot more material to grip onto on the sides. It’s even ridged for a more secure hold. The extra material also pushes your finger away from the sensitive edges. I’ve had no problem reaching to the other end of the screen.


Sure, it makes the phone thicker all-around, but it’s not that bad for a “rugged” case. The S7 Edge is compact for a 5.5″ phone, so to me, it could be worse. I am also slightly bothered that the phone no longer smoothly slips in and out of my pocket, but this kind of thing is very minor when you think about what you’re gaining.

Final Thoughts


UAG’s styling may not be for everyone, but in my opinion, the Composite case is a standout. The design is a fantastic balance between robustness and slimness, with a touch of flair. And concerning the S7 Edge’s ergonomic annoyances, I can say that this case kinda saved the phone for me. I don’t desire to take it off, which says a lot.

UAG Composite Case product page

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  1. Good phone case, but i have trouble taking it off. It seems theres no simple way without feeling the phone bend. Anybody figure out an easy way yet?

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