I was watching Jimmy Kimmel the other night and he reminded me of an old article I read from Time Magazine about the dirtiness of our hands and smartphones.

According to London scientists, 1 in 6 phones has fecal matter on it. In another word, there is a high chance your smartphone has poop on it. The study reasoned that people do not wash their hands after using the restroom, and transfer the fecal matter onto their phones. The vast majority of us do not know what others do in the restroom, but many people are seen going into stalls with smartphones in hand. That contributes to the nastiness too.

E.Coli is commonly found in human fecal matter and can make you very sick if ingested. E. Coli was behind the massive food poisonings earlier this year from Chipotle, and I am not linking smartphones to that incident, but am simply stating what E.Coli can do to you.

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Smartphones are a somewhat new phenomena, only gaining massive acceptance over the last 10 years, so we haven’t had a lot of time to dissect their overall impacts on our daily lives. We have learned over the past few hundred years how good hygiene, like cleaning teeth, pasteurizing milk, washing hands, and bathing can all lead to longer lives. Yet for many of us, we NEVER clean our smartphones with anything more than the back of our t-shirts or sweaters.

Our phones go practically everywhere with us: the bathroom, diaper changing room, in the kitchen for recipes, the gym, at the dinner table, in the office and car. They’re with us more than any other device, and they are dragging the germs they have accumulated along with them. Logic would tell us we need to start cleaning our smartphones a little better than what we have been doing.


I use a multitude of device cleaners when I am home, but the one I have in the office and in my car is the HÄNS Swipe all in one cleaning kit.



HÄNS is a dual-sided, all-in-one device cleaner for complete and convenient on-the-go use. It’s very simple to use and you can control the cleanliness of your smartphone or tablet in less than one minute.
First, Swipe with the Cleaning Side to apply HÄNS Cleaning Solution and begin actively cleaning and cutting through and lifting grease, grime, dirt, and oils.
Then flip and Swipe to Polish; removing any remaining residue.
HÄNS works that easily and that well. Clean your smartphones, tablets, touchscreens, car touchscreens, plus cases and covers and more. ” Germs can live up to a week in the grease, grime and oil that builds up when not properly cleaned, making your device’s surface a germ breeding ground!”
Even if you don’t care about germs, you should be at a minimum using some sort of cleaner to give you the best pictures possible.
Fully cleaned.
Grease build up on the camera lens can completely ruin a picture and trying to wipe off grease with cotton isn’t going to work.
I highly recommend the Hans Swipe all in one cleaning tool for everyone who owns a smartphone or tablet. Don’t bring the gym bacteria to the dinner table with your smartphone. Wash your smartphone like you wash your hands.
I also use a variety of other cleaners when I am at home. I listed them below and they are great for cleaning larger devices like televisions. Consider picking one up for yourself and loved ones too.

HÄNS Swipe : Clean 1:1 Bundle – $22.95 Amazon


  • HÄNS – A Dual-Sided Clean like never before
  • First apply HÄNS Cleaning Solution to actively clean. Second, use the Polishing Side to remove any remaining residue
  • Refill for 1000’s of more cleans – Creating Zero Waste
  • Helps control the spread of germs
  • 1:1 Bundle contains 1 HÄNS Swipe – Clean and 1 Refill bottle of HÄNS Cleaning Solution

HÄNS Swipe – $14.95 Amazon


  • Easy to use – Swipe On, Swipe Off for an On-Demand Clean
  • Antimicrobial – Clean without the use of harsh chemicals
  • Pre-Loaded with HÄNS Cleaning Solution to last hundreds of Cleans, Refillable for 1,000’s more
  • Helps control the spread of germs
  • All-In-One, On-The-Go Design – Clean Anywhere, Anytime

Screen Cleaner ROGGE DUO-Clean – $14.95 Amazon


  • Streak-Free, Antibacterial, Antistatic, Allergy-Free, Alcohol-Free, Ammonia-Free Screen Cleaner.
  • Removes grease, dust, oils, fingerprints, smears and other dirts safely and efficiently.
  • Authorized and recommended by leading computer and TV screen manufacturers.
  • Perfect for all LED, LCD, OLED, Ultra HD, Curved, Plasma, Flat TV, Computer, Phone, Tablet, Touch Screens and other sensitive surfaces.
  • Screen cleaning kit includes: 8.4 FLOZ (250ml) Cleaning Spray & Extra Large Microfiber Cloth.

Screen Mom Screen Cleaner Kit – $15.95 Amazon


  • Incredible Value – Costs less than 1 penny per spray; Clean your TV or laptop 100 times for less than $1
  • Safe and Natural – Plant based product with no odor, alcohol, ammonia, or harmful phosphates; safe to use around family and pets
  • Streak Free – ScreenMom gives your screen a like new appearance again that you will love
  • Gently Cleans – HD TVs, PC monitors, Kindle Fire, Tablet, Laptops, Smartphone display, Apple Mac Products, iPhone, and cell phones displays
  • Product Tested – on all major brands

iCloth Touchscreen Cleaning Wipes – $24.99 Amazon


  • Designed to clean all tech device displays and touchscreen surfaces. Fast and effective. No drips, no streaks, no film. Suitable for daily use.
  • Achieve maximum optical clarity by easily removing residue, smears, dirt, fingerprint grease, sweat, makeup, everyday grime and gunk. Smooths surface for optimal Stylus response. Equally good for eyewear.
  • Proudly made in America. Our NO-RISK GUARANTEE: If your iCloth experience is not 100% positive we will make it right or refund your money.
  • Preserve good resale value: our aerospace-grade soft fabric wipes are premoistened with our purified water-based formula – contains isopropyl alcohol (not harmful ethyl alcohol) and proprietary ingredients that are safe on all sensitive optics and specialty coatings.


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