Have you every worried about your air quality? With the Covid-19 pandemic I have been much more concerned about my safety. In my own home, I want to know that the air I am breathing into my body is safe and clean.

The Zigma Smart Air Purifier does this, by not only ensuring that clean air is dispensed through the machine, but also by telling you what the quality of the air is in your household. This gives me peace of mind and makes me feel confident that the air I am breathings is safe.


This device has one of the simplest assemblies I have ever come across. The air purifier comes completely built and all the user needs to do is simply take off the front of and remove the packaging from the filter.

The air purifier itself is a little bit bigger than my microwave and has a very sleek design. When I think of an air purifier, I do not think of stylish but with this device think again. It has a very modern and sleek look to it.

Once you have assembled the air purifier you are ready to go, just plug your device in and begin with the connection process.


When setting up the Zigma Smart Air Purifier one of the first things that you do is connect it to a mobile app that need to be downloaded on your phone. Luckily Zigma made this process simple by placing a QR code on the air purifier. You scan this in the app and then simply connect the air purifier to the same Wi-Fi that your phone is on.

Once this is done you are able to adjust the settings of the air purifier from anywhere within the house. The app also allows you to connect multiple air purifiers to it so you can adjust the settings to be different for different rooms or parts of the house.

If you have smart devices in your home such as Alexa or Google Home, the app allows you to connect the smart air purifier with those devices as well. Then you can simply tell your smart devices to change the settings on your smart air purifier.

I had no trouble connecting my smart air purifiers to my Alexa by clicking add third part control in the app, however, make sure your smart devices and connected to the same Wi-Fi as your air purifier.

Mobile App

Once your smart air purifier is connected to the app it will appear under devices. You can click on the device to see the air quality in the room you are filtering.

At first, I found this aspect to be very confusing because the app just gives you a number labeled PM2.5 as your air quality. However, around this number is a circle and the color of the circle relates to the quality of the air as well.

Since I struggled to understand the number, I found it was easier to see a blue circle meant healthy air and a red circle meant unhealthy air. Right next to the air quality the app also displays the filter percent, so the user can know when the filter needs to be replaced. In the app under devices, you can also control the device anywhere in the house.

You can set it to automatic, night, or manual mode. In manual mode you can control the air flow from light, to heavy. On the other tabs of the mobile app, you can set up rooms or sections of the house for each air purifier and automate them to that they can automatically change with time or weather.

Purification Quality

With this device you want to be able to see differences in the quality of your air. Yet, through this device I found out that the air in my house was already clean.

I can say this device was able to give me peace of mind about my air quality but since the air in my house was already clean there was not much to improve on. However, I can ensure that the purification works for households with unhealthy air, because, when something was burnt near the air purifier the air purifier immediately picked up on it and told me that air was unhealthy to breath, also since I had it on automatic it switched from light air flow to heavy so it could purify faster.

The app also displayed a red circle that said 273 PM2.5, unhealthy vs what the normal in my house is which is a blue circle that says 10 PM2.5, healthy.

The other thing that I was hoping this air purifier would filter out of the air is the mass amount t of dog hair that I have in my house. Although after running this device for a month I did not see much dog hair in the filter only a little so I would not rely on this device to filter out pet hair.

Final Thoughts

If you live in a household with smoke or have reason to believe that the air you are breathing is unhealthy, I would recommend this device. Furthermore, if you often feel paranoid about the quality of your air, this device can give peace of mind and ensure that the air you are breathing is safe. The Zigma Smart Air Purifier is easy to set up and can easily be controlled. It was able to make me feel confident about the air that I breath in and it can do the same for you.

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