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With Microsoft pretty much hating on Google with everything they’ve got (looking at you “Scroogled” campaign), most of services between the two don’t play nice. This isn’t largely a big deal since a lot of Google’s services are website-based. However, there are a lot of people that still rely heavily on Outlook, especially for business. While the Gmail app now allows addition of other emails including Hotmail, there still isn’t an easy all-in-one solution for syncing contacts and calendar from Outlook to an Android device. This is where AkrutoSync steps in. It’s not an Android app, but a Windows program that sets up and then walks you through connecting your Android device with Outlook. Overall, the app works in the background and without much hassle, but the set up process is a bit odd and finicky.

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AkrutoSync does not have an Android app, but rather uses your computer’s IP address (the number that your computer uses to identify itself when using the internet) and assigns it an email address that you then add as an account on your Android (or other mobile device). The Windows program walks you through step-by-step on how to set up the program. It even provides links to walk you through the setup process on your phone. All of this is fine, and should allow even the most average of tech user to use it. The issue is if you run into a problem, as I did. When I tried to add the email address given to me by the program to add as an account on my phone, evidently I had an issue connecting, and I could not find any solution in Akruto’s documentation. Further, my computer thought the sync was set up, but nothing was appearing on my phone.

The good news is, Akruto’s support team responded very quickly when I reached out to them, and even when I ended up making a silly mistake (much to my chagrin) they were very kind, polite, and patient. A product is only as good as the people behind it, and I can say that the people of Akruto are great.


AkrutoSync looks to provide an easy, painless sync solution for your Outlook calendar, contacts, and more without the need for the user to constantly check on it. In my experience with the program, I can say that they do this pretty well. Calendar and Contacts sync almost instantly. Some pictures are below.

AkrutoSyncCompContact AkrutoSyncPhoneContact


As long as you have auto sync enabled on your phone, accessing calendar appointments and contacts should be no problem at all. There isn’t much more to say, but in this case that’s a great thing!


Probably the most obvious issue with AkrutoSync is that it’s design is not the best. Pictures are a little blurry, and the program is all-around a little boring. However, considering the idea of the program is to set it up and then forget about it, design is not really a priority. Function is the primary focus of AkrutoSync. The value of the program is where I struggle a bit. AkrutoSync costs $34.95 as a one-time purchase. However, with a great support team, you should be sure to get updates on a regular basis, and quick responses to any issues you may have.


AkrutoSync is an interesting program. With a not-great design, it is not a perfect program. However, what it lacks there it makes up for in seamless syncing, and a phenomenal support team. Overall, AkrutoSync gets 4 stars. However, I believe the room for improvement will be filled quickly.

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  1. I have been using AkrutoSync for about a year and have been very happy with it. However, I just replaced my computer and want to transfer my license to the new computer. I contacted AkrutoSync to find out how to do this and was told that I couldn’t. I have to buy a new license. I am not happy about this and will be looking for another option.

    • That’s disgusting – if true – how can Akruto justify that? They should be responding to you better than that. What a way to destroy a hard-won reputation. Wake up Akruto!

    • I guess we’re missing something here. I’m sure they gave you a reason why it can’t be done. What was it? Can you share? I’m sure that’ll help us to decide if we’d want to get their software.

  2. I’ve used Akruto for several years and only had a few glitches. In the past, I’ve contacted Akruto through its email support and Tech Support sends me instructions. If I can’t make it work, we arrange a time for Tech Support to call me and gives me step-by-step instructions. If this doesn’t work, the rep connects to my computer, and fixes the problem. I’ve been thrilled with the TS up until now. With this latest glitch, we’ve exchanged a ton of emails and I’m at the point where I’m repeating various aspects of the problem without any resolution. The latest instruction is outside of my knowledge base, but Akruto no longer calls customers. This change in policy, combined with me having to repeat over and over what the problem is, means I’m at a brick wall and haven’t been able to sync for several weeks. It’s too bad when we lose such a good product and customer service in a company.

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