The Brief

Sometimes names can be deceiving. In the case of Amber Weather Widget, this app is so much more than just a widget. It’s a full-fledged attack on all things weather. Yeah, sure, there are a few widgets that come along for the ride. But the real power shows when you click that widget on your home screen and bring the app full screen.

Digging In

First, long press the home screen and add the widget. There are 3 to choose from. Try them all to see which one you like best. I chose the small one, since I already have a clock on my home page from my alarm app that I like better.

Now it’s time for the magic! Click the temperature on the widget and you are transported to weather heaven. The first thing I needed to do was change the temperature settings to Fahrenheit from Celsius. I did this by clicking the hamburger button at the upper left of the screen and then tapping settings. Here you will have all the settings you need so the app makes sense for your location. You can change:

  • Fahrenheit and Celsius
  • Mph and m/s
  • Mi and Km
  • 12 hours and 24 hours

(Wait, did he say hamburger button? Yes, I did, it’s the 3 straight lines stacked on top of each other that take you to the settings page in most apps.)

Out on the main screen, there is a whole slew of weather info for your current location. From currents to hourly forecast and precipitation for certain days, it’s all here.

Warning: By clicking the customize button, you understand that you will waste at least half an hour trying to pick the best theme for your icons and widget. Obviously, that’s a joke but I really did spend 45 minutes once I found the customize button, downloading themes and icon packs to get the perfect look.

There are free themes and paid themes – some of the paid themes even have a 5-minute trial so you can see if you like it or not before spending $1.49 on it.

After digging a little into the settings, I found that I could even tell Amber Weather to use my alarm app when I click the clock on the widget. I was able to remove the widget for the alarm app that I was using and just use the Amber Weather Widget for opening my alarm app from the home screen (score!).

As with many apps recently, there are paid options. They are $5.99 yearly or $1.99 monthly, this will give you access to all the themes and remove the ads.

In The End

If you are looking for a highly customizable, accurate and downright beautiful weather app, this is the one. Some of the menu items are not described very well and the subscription-based app purchase made me hesitate to pay for it. That being said, this is an awesome app and you should give it a try. You can find Amber Weather Widget for free with an in-app purchase of $5.99 yearly or $1.99 monthly that will remove ads and gives access to all paid themes.

Download and install Amber Weather Widget from the Google Play Store.

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