Do you ever feel sad and empty after you finish binge-watching a great TV series? Do you find yourself actually missing the characters from the show?

The good news is that you might able to bring them back to your Android smartphone and tablet in a form of game characters. And this time around, you won’t be just a spectator, you’ll be allowed to get into the action too.

Below we’ve rounded up some of the best Android games out there that were inspired by popular TV shows. Hopefully, they will help you keep the post-binge-watching blues away.

Desperate Housewives

What it is:

A game inspired by ABC’s drama series that follows the story of neighbors Bree, Lynette, Gabrielle, and Susan, who appear to live a postcard-perfect suburban existence. But it doesn’t take long before viewers realize things aren’t what they seem. 

Why you might want to try it:

  • As the player, you’ll be thrown in the intricate universe of suburbia as the newest resident of Wisteria Lane. Team up with your favorite characters from the show in order to solve a dark murder case, but also to build a life for yourself.
  • The app lets you create your own story. You can decorate your house, expand your wardrobe and collect items.
  • The game also has a romantic component that allows gamers to mastermind their own fairytale relationship.

Install Desperate Housewives

Narcos: Cartel Wars

What it is:

Narcos represents a major achievement for Netflix in its endeavor to produce original content. The show is based on the life of larger-than-life drug lord Pablo Escobar whose criminal career continues to amaze to this day. And now there’s also an Android game inspired by Escobar’s tumultuous life. 

Why you might want to try it:

  • Think you have what it takes to become a powerful Capo? Inspired by the award-winning TV show, Narcos: Cartel Wars challenges gamers to develop a successful operation on their mobile.
  • Create your empire by taking over rival cartels or teaming up with other players to form alliances.
  • Develop your operations in the jungle, while building defenses and hiring sicarios.

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CSI: Hidden Crimes

What it is:

The app is based on CSI: Crime Scene Investigation which is part of the CSI franchise. The show follows a team of crime-scene investigators, employed by the Las Vegas Police Department, who use physical evidence to solve murders.

Why you might want to try it:

  • CSI: Hidden Crimes has you playing detective, as you try to solve intricate murder mysteries.
  • This is a hidden object game in which you find clues and interrogate suspects to get to the truth.
  • The app lets you customize your avatar, and as you progress through the game unlock all sorts of achievements and bonuses.
  • The game is perfect if you’re looking to develop your logic and observational skills.

Install CSI: Hidden Crimes

Doctor Who: Legacy

What it is:

A game inspired by the iconic Doctor Who television show. The story follows The Doctor, an interstellar time traveler, who always seems to get into trouble.

Why you might want to try it:

  • Are you a huge fan of the longest-running Sci-Fi TV Series on TV? Then installing this app on your Android is a must. It’s a gem-match game, but you won’t be simply swapping gems here, there’s a backstory too.
  • You are tasked to create a party of characters and match gems to help them fight Daleks and Weeping Angels.
  • You level up characters as you go and earn points which you can be put into one of the three states: attack, health or healing for countless hours of fun.

Install Doctor Who: Legacy

Fear the Walking Dead: Dead Run

What it is:

Fear the Walking Dead is a companion series to The Walking Dead. It follows a dysfunctional family who is living Los Angeles when the zombie apocalypse begins.

Why you might want to try it:

  • Inspired by the Walking Dead spin-off set in Los Angeles, the game lets you play alongside your favorite character from the show.
  • Your goal is to stay alive by using your extensive weapon arsenal (up to 50 different arms).
  • The game gives you access to levels that expend the TV shows’ storyline.
  • Dark gloomy atmosphere and graphics, so gamers can easily immerse themselves in the apocalyptic scenario.

Side note: The Walking Dead has been turned into a game a few times too. If you want to check out the best The Walking Dead-inspired games for Android check out our earlier piece on the topic.

Install Fear the Walking Dead: Dead Run


What it is:

A game inspired by the popular 90s show which stars agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully who are always investigating unexplained and mysterious cases classified as “X-Files”.

Why you might want to try it:

  • It’s a hidden object game placed in the X-Files universe in which you uncover clues, collect and process new evidence in order to solve cases.
  • The app lets you use your moral compass to determine the outcome of the case.
  • Players can customize their appearance and unlock achievements as they play.

South Park: Phone Destroyer

What it is:

The app brings the big world of South Park to your Android device. Developed by Ubisoft, it’s a free-to-play collectible card game with a focus on PvP gameplay.

Why you might want to try it:

  • Players have to assemble a card deck that features their favorite South Park characters and face their opponents in PvP matches.
  • Cowboys and Indians are the stars of the game, but other characters such as cyborgs and wizards are also part of the package. Oh, and you get the ability to kill Kenny too!
  • South Park creators, Trey Parker and Matt Stone are voicing their characters, along with another member of the TV show’s voice cast.

Did we miss something?

Know any TV shows that has been turned into a fun Android game? Can’t find it on our list? Share it us in the comment section below!

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