App Review: Lava Ball 3D

If you are looking for a marble-rolling, maze-traveling game, Lava Ball 3D is the game for you.

Please note: you will not be able to run this on 1st generation Android devices. I would only run this game with at least a 1GHz processor. I tried it on a MyTouch 3G and it locked on the level select screen. I then reviewed it on an EVO and it ran like a champ. It seems the lag is caused by the lava background.

The free version allows 4 levels of game play. The full version offers 32.

The are 4 modes: Preview, Practice, Arcade, and Hardcore.
Preview mode only allows you to view the map by scrolling around to find all the gems before playing.
Practice mode doesn’t award points and you re-spawn when you die. There are no points awarded in this mode.
Arcade mode requires you to colled all green gems within a specific time limit. When you die, you lose $50 and re-spawn from the last gem.
Hardcore mode requires you to collect all the purple gem with in a specific time limit. Purple gems can be much more difficult collect than the green. When you die in the mode, you lose. No re-spawning.

The game play is truly Marble Madness meets Labyrinth, as mentioned on the developers site. It is very challenging to grasp the controls at first. The control you have over the ball is incredible. You can drop the ball over a side and bring it back to collect gems. When you fall into the Lava there is a obnoxious scream each time without an option to disable sound. You have to turn down the media volume to disable.  The game is fun, but VERY challenging.

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