tuneremoteBecause my blood is made up of half plasma and half nano machines, I desire my house to be wired the same way.  I crave surroundings that are wired, work well together, and all my needs and desires are a button press or less away.

As a result, we have a HTPC, or Home Theater PC hooked up to our entertainment center.  It stores all of our Blu-Rays, DVDs and digital music in one place.  We have speakers and iPod docks all over the house that can access the music stored on our 4 Terabyte drive, and love using it.


One of the things that was a major annoyance for us though was that we would have to actually physically go to the HTPC to choose which playlist or songs to play, then allow them to play all the way out.  We do have iPod Touches in the house, but they are busy playing the music on docks, so we would have to stop the music, go out to the Remote App and then go back into another app that allowed us to play the music.  This was MUCH less than ideal, so I started looking for a way to control things from my G1, since I always have that with me.

That is when I stumbled upon Tunes Remote, a slick little app that does EXACTLY what it advertises, which is giving you the ability to control iTunes remotely.

TunesRemote is a small, lightweight app that doesn’t have any bells or whistles.  It connects to your iTunes installation over WiFi.  Your Android phone needs to be on the same WiFi network for the app to work.   When launched, it automatically searches for an active iTunes installation running on the network.  When it finds one, it tries to pair itself with your iTunes computer.  You enter in a 4 digit code, and you are good to go!

You can pick existing playlists, shuffle, volume control, forward, back.  It even displays album artwork if stored.

You can search for specific tunes in your library via a handy search function built into the app, which is pretty slick in my opinion.  I don’t know how many times that there has been an instance when I want to play a certain tune and I have to slog down to my computer from the upstairs to find it to play.  Now I can just punch a keyword into my G1, and it finds and plays it.

Scan the barcode with your phone to go right to the download page in the market!
Scan the barcode with your phone to go right to the download page in the market!

What I especially like about this app is that it does not try to be something that it is not.  It does not try to get fancy, or add functionality that is “cutting edge”.  It is advertised as a remote for iTunes so that you can control your music anywhere that your WiFi network reaches.  It does that perfectly, with no lag to slow down your device.

The controls are straight-forward, everything is one click away.  If you are looking for a simple, easy to use app to allow you to control your iTunes library remotely,  give this app a look.  You won’t regret it!

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