[dropcaps]W[/dropcaps]ord puzzles and word searches have puzzled and entertained people young and old for years. Satisfaction of  eagerly crossing out  the elusive string of letters that your eyes  have hunted  and searched to find.

Word searches have changed with the times getting a digital stamp on mobile devices.

1 Touch Studios introduces their version of  the puzzle game entitled Word Search.


After downloading Word Search you have the option to Login in via Facebook or play as a Guest. Once you have made your selection you are introduced to the Word Search homepage where you can select from categories, game modes,languages, and also invite friends to play. Although, inviting friends might be a feature that is implemented in the future because I was unable to get that feature to work.

After getting passed the initial setup and game mode selections, you are again introduced to another Select Categories screen. This screen is filled with category options, information on your completed puzzles, keys you have achieved from your gameplay, colorful dated graphics and an extremely ugly user interface.


While playing a puzzle your screen will be surrounded by a Timer that informs you how long it takes for you to complete the word search, your Best Time and also how many words you have completed (ex: Words Found ⅛). As you slide your finger to cross out a word the letters become highlighted and if correct the letters will also be highlighted in the word bank to let you know that word is completed.

As I played Word Search all I could think of is this is why Google creates standards for mobile apps and games. Word Search user interface is extremely dated from the older unpleasing-to-the-eye icons, that was found in early Android operating systems and games, to the application’s buttons that I had to press in just the right area for them to take me to the desired screen.  Also, I understand if the game is free-to-play, advertisements will be involved. In Word Search, you have constant on-screen ads. It seemed  that while I was playing a puzzle I was interrupted constantly by ads which on top of everything listed above made me more unwilling to want to play the game. Which is unfortunate due to the fact I am a huge fan of word search games.


Word Search is intended for lovers of puzzle and word search games looking to lose the pen and paper.


  • UNLIMITED play with lots of different category puzzles to choose from!
  • KIDS section with a large selection
  • REPLAY categories to get the highest score!
What We Liked What We Didn’t Like
Wide Variety of Categories Outdated User Interface and icons
Little to no initial game setup Design and gameplay confusing and not fluid
Inability to select words backwards, you have to select the word from the beginning letters


From a youth, I have always enjoyed challenging myself with word searches from the newspapers, kids menus at restaurants, or on my mobile device.  Unfortunately, Word Search by 1 Touch Studios will not replace the word search game I currently enjoy playing on my devices

Word Search is in need of a major graphical and user-interface design overhaul. The reason Google has standards is for the end user to have an enjoyable experience with the application. I was unable to enjoy the game due to un-intuitive gameplay, not being able to select words from the end of the word, intrusive and constant ads being displayed, and a clumsy user interface. With the multitude of fun, free, and functional word search puzzles available via Google Play, I will not be able to allow Word Search to take up precious storage on my devices.

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