Looking for new and fun ways to take photos of your friends, family, or food? Perhaps you’d like a little something different for sharing. It’s all good because Android has a number of really great photo applications that can be used to add effects or filters to your images. What’s more, many of them can be paired with other apps to create simply stunning photography.

We’ve gathered up some of our all-time favorites and created the follow, “10 marvelous photo apps for Android”. We know there are tons of other titles out there and that we’re going to skip over some your faves. Not to worry, however, we’ll be glad to come back with another collection down the road, based on feedback from the readers and followers. And just for the sake of having fun, we’ll start by leaving Instagram of our list. The list at a glance

  1. After Focus
  2. Camera Zoom FX
  3. fotodanz
  4. Pic Collage
  5. PicSay Pro
  6. Photo Editor by Aviary
  7. Pixlr Express
  8. Photoshop Touch
  9. Photo Grid
  10. Snapseed


After Focus

One of the easiest ways to create a more realistic and professional image, After Focus lets users manually add blurred backgrounds. Draw what you want to be in focus, what should be mid-range, and what needs to be in the background and watch it work. If you can trace your subject or outline a person then you can create an almost DSLR-like effect.  Once you’re done, save your photos or share them across social networks or pass it through another Android app. FREE Go Pro for $1.99 and work with photos us to 2048 pixels, add more filters, and smoother depth transitions with edge-feathering. camera_zoom_fx

Camera Zoom FX

It is incredible how many effects, filters, and features this app has for less than three dollars. You can use this app before taking photos or for editing after the fact. If you’re a fan of vignettes, color effects, or post-processing then you’ll love this one.  Recommended for users with older or slower cameras as the app can greatly improve performance with iso settings, focus, shutter speeds, and more.  Once you have the app installed, head to Google Play and grab all of the free add-on packs that just only extend the fun. $2.99



Why bother taking a simple snapshot when you can create a dancing image? No, not a full video, but a short (3-5 second) looping photo. Simply take a picture and and circle the part of photo that you would like to see moving.  The magic happens when taking the snapshot as a few moments of video get recorded in the background. Preview, edit, and then save those animations across social networking, email, and more! Perfect for beaches (waves), parks (kites), and other touching moments. FREE


Pic Collage

A very simple way to create collages of your photos, this app offers fun filters, borders, stickers and other goodies. Why bother sharing one photo of the night at the fair when you can create an entire collage with numerous images? Very easy to use, allows for rotation, resizing, text with a variety of colors and fonts, and more. Share to Facebook or other social networks and let everyone know how awesome that trip to the ocean really was! FREE picsaypro

PicSay Pro

This one has been a favorite of ours for a long time, having been one of the first photo apps we ever fell in love with. Details include the ability to sharpen, touch up red eye, change colors, and general editing. Where things get fun are the word balloons and stickers that simply lay atop your photos. Let everyone know what was (or definitely wasn’t) on the mind of your subject. Of course, you can also do the effects that come with other apps, such as Vignette, faux HDR, sketching, and more. $2.99 pixlr_express

Pixlr Express

Here’s another one of those apps that provide a ton of features for no cost whatsoever. Want to fix photos with red-eye removal, cropping, resize, or basic stuff? Covered. Kick things up a notch with overlays and lighting effects then put a great-looking border around the whole thing. After that, send it off to your friends and contacts or social networking apps. Don’t worry about getting overwhelmed with the more than 600+ options; choose favorites and find them again and again. FREE aviary

Photo Editor by Aviary

What was once merely a plugin for which users could pass images through is now a gorgeous full-featured app. Adjust color balance, sharpen and retouch images, add text and stickers, and apply filters with ease. Free to install, Aviary offers a number of additional effect bundles for roughly one dollar. If you’ve ever spent time with the web-based photo app then you know exactly what you’re getting into – quality stuff. FREE


Photoshop Touch

Created for Android tablets, Photoshop Touch is a mobile version of the app you’ve come to love on desktops.  We love the way this one works on 7-inch and 10-inch devices as Scribbling and retouching is very easy.  You don’t need a Galaxy Note 10.1 or stylus to drill down and play with your images, a finger tip is just fine. Connect to Adobe’s Creative Cloud for free and host 2GB of files and then sync across  tablets and desktop, grab files from the cloud, or share with others. $9.99


Photo Grid

You know those collage photos on Instagram and social networks that show multiple photos in one? This is one of the best apps around that does exactly that. Simply grab a few photos and then let Photo Grid do its magic, creating a few layouts. Leave it to chance and shake the phone to see what kind of fun collage you get or manually rearrange things to your liking.  Plan on sharing to Instagram? The 1024×1024 layout is perfect for doing just that. FREE



Transform and touch up your photos with one of the best apps of its kind. Use effects, employ tilt shift, throw on some vintage filters, and all the other stuff you’d expect. We also appreciate being able to do the basic photo stuff such as crop, rotate, color adjust, paste, and more. Perhaps the best feature, users can share their images directly with deep integration of Google+ accounts, something others just don’t have.  Note that it requires Android 4.0 and higher so it’s not available to everyone. FREE

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