Ever feel like something was missing from your native Android launcher? If you are like me and you did feel this way, please read on as we review the best damn home-screen launcher replacement out there: LauncherPro! LauncherPro (for 2.x handsets only) is a simple and stylish Android launcher replacement. It really does everything the native 3-D launcher should have done from the beginning.  Put simply, LauncherPro is the most effective launcher that has the most options on the Android platform. It makes your home screen so much better.

If you have used ADW.Launcher or even Helix Launcher in the past you will be familiar with the way that LauncherPro looks. There is a four icon “dock” at the bottom of the screen, with contacts, browser, phone and messaging app’s icons.  While these may look generic at first, not to fear, they are changeable with a long press of the icon.  You can replace each with whatever application or shortcut you choose. Pretty sweet!I should also mention that the dock itself is also customizable.  Total, you can have up to 3 docks that you can swipe through at the bottom of the screen. A truly great and useful feature.

Swiping between screens is also a real breeze.  Overall it is fast and fluid.  The scrolling is as smooth as scrolling through your contacts; there are barely ever any hiccups and it works well. When you are in the launcher and hit the back button, the launcher icons “fly-out” and you return to your home screen.  It is all extremely fast.  Personally, I think Google really should buy these guys.  Seriously.

Overall,  LauncherPro is a slamdunk. There is actually so much more to say, but we have to limit the size of the post. If not, I could write forever.  To help users we have even listed some of the best features below.

Best Features

  • smooth home screen sliding
  • up to 7 home screens
  • fast 3-D Launcher
  • HTC Sense “helicopter view” by clicking on the home button
  • Customizable icons and dock
  • Scrollable widgets(don’t even ask HTC Sense widgets will not work)
  • LauncherPro Plus Calendar, People, and Bookmark Widgets (more to be added later)
  • Home-screen back up and so many options we can’t even name

If I were you and had not tried LauncherPro, you can use this link to install it. The regular version is free and the plus version is $2.99.  Both are well worth it!

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  1. Launcherpro is great! I have been using it for a while now and it really does improve the android experience.

    • From what I see on their website, Dxtop’s default interface graphics look terrible by comparison. However, you are able to load your own themes. In addition, I really like it’s app categorization feature. Dxtop is definitely it’s own animal with unique features, but I prefer the simplicity and elegance of the LauncherPro interface.

  2. One extremely cool feature of the dock is that you can set icons to trigger different tasks on press vs. swipe and save some serious screen real-estate. I have my dialer icon bring up the dialer on press and search contacts on swipe; I have the app tray bring up my apps on press and the market on swipe. Unlike other launchers it is also very stable. $3 for the plus version is an absolute steal. And no, nobody’s paying me to say this.

  3. It’s hard to take a review seriously, even harder to shell out money, from a guy who doesn’t know how to use the proper “you’re”.

    • He is so passionate about LauncherPro that he forgot how to use the English language. Just like when your (ha… you’re) about to have an orgasm all kinds of non English stuff comes out of your mouth…

    • You will have to go to launcherpro.com and scroll to July 19. The Dev is in a country where they can’t place paid apps in the market.

  4. “Personally, I think Google really should buy these guys. Seriously.”


    This is the stock launcher open source code with added tweaks. Some how i don’t think Google need to buy it. They wrote 99% of it themselves.

  5. Trying Launcher Pro. Haven’t found what it can do that ADW cannot yet [dock just seems different]. Miss ADW’s 5 column setting. Whay does Launcher Pro have 5 row but not 5 column?

  6. I’m curious, what’s your feeling on this vs. ADW? I’d love to see a point-by-point bakeoff of LauncherPro, ADW, and a few other home/ launcher replacements.

    I switched to ADW a few weeks ago and I’m quite happy with it, but I’m always looking for improvements; if I can get something better by going w/ LauncherPro I’m willing to do it, I just want to know what it’ll give me.

    • Good idea, Nicholas. Look for an AG app review of ADW soon. Not exactly what yr describing, but having reviews for both up should help those wanting to compare and contrast.

  7. I liked LauncherPro but I did not like the fact that it reduced the 7 screens of my Samsung Vibrant to only 3. I uninstalled a minute after trying it. I did love the “3D-ish” appearance of the icons.

  8. Head over to bit.ly/lpicons for lots of icons for common apps that match the default LauncherPro dock style. All the content is contributed by the community. There is also an app that makes getting the icons and docks much faster at bit.ly/LPiOnAppBrain.

  9. Personally I think it’s the best Launcher out there if you want speed! It’s blazing fast even on low-end devices like Samsung Galaxy i5700 (faster than stock launcher on my Nexus One with Froyo!). The nice feature for “crapware” bloated phones is it’s ability to hide apps from app dock. You just go to “Preferences->General Settings->Hidden Apps” and select apps you don’t use and they dissapear from your dock. But as I said – the best feature is it’s astonishing speed – I’m using it on my all 3 android phones – HTC Dream, Galaxy i5700 and Nexus One. Much faster than ADW even with performance tweaks. Sorry for my English, I’m not native English speaker/writer :)

    PS Love your blog Guys!!!

  10. i like widget locker.you can put widgets on the lock screen and you can also change the unlock slider.

  11. Also another nice feature for hi-res phones (~480×800 res) – “Settings->Advanced->5 Icon rows in homescreens” – adds another row of icons. IMHO a must for WVGA phones!

  12. I can’t stress enough how this launcher blows away everything that has come before it. It is NOT simply stock with a few added tweaks. It is pure gold and an absolute pleasure to use. I would have easily paid twice the asking price. I’ve been using replacement launchers since they originally came out on the G1 and this is by far the best. The dev is just amazing. ADW is good but I found Launcher Pro Plus to be more stable and more solid over all with better (/more?) features. When a theming engine is developed it will be perfect. I don’t personally care but I know a lot of people do. I have no doubt it will happen. Remember, this is still technically a beta.

  13. LauncherPro (still waiting on Plus activation) is great and in many ways better than the HTC Sense UI. I am using it combined with the Smart Shortcuts app. ;)

  14. I’ve tried both LauncherPro and ADW on my MT3G running Cannon’s Complete Eclair 2.2.1 – I can honestly say I prefer ADW.

    When I switched to LP, my phone had a really hard time playing any custom ringtones I set, most of the time it would just play the default… after switching back to ADW, no problems at all. Having the system version seems to greatly speed up the phone – my trackball lights up about two-thirds through the first ring, and the custom tone follows by the 2nd. I also noticed a big difference using Swype – on LP it seems to lag quite a lot, not so with ADW. The Galaxy S style app drawer is pretty sweet too – a nice change over the vert scrolling launcher.

    My advice would be to find the system replacement version of ADW on XDA – you just flash it via your recovery (delete / move the stock launcher first with your fave root file manager, then reboot into recovery).

  15. Tried LauncherPro and ADW and decided to go with ADW. I like the LaucnherPro’s 3D apps cube, but I liked the custimizations available in ADW to be the trump card. On my Vibrant I prefer 6 Rows and 5 columns. I also like to experiment with the number of columns and rows fromt ime to time and being able to resize your widgets in ADW is a great help in getting your home screen just right. Also, the ability to hide text and auto stretch makes the screen look much cleaner.

  16. Installed on my Samsung Moment and I love that it gave me the ability to have more than 3 screens (up to 7)! Happy!!!

    I thought that LP would provide me the ability to have the retro clock/weather look on home screen as in picture. It did not. Is there something I need to do?

    Thanks to any who help.

  17. Launcher pro icons are ugly as fuck and theres no way to fix the app drawer icon back to the nice android one. So I got all full color icons and this ugly ass gray icon in the middle. What a piece of shit.

    • Wow, change your tampon bro. All you have to do is download any icon that you want to use for the app drawer and choose custom instead of the LauncherPro icon. You’re real smart so I’m sure you can figure it out from there.

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