App Review: Give Your Homescreen Speed and Style With LauncherPro

Ever feel like something was missing from your native Android launcher? If you are like me and you did feel this way, please read on as we review the best damn home-screen launcher replacement out there: LauncherPro! LauncherPro (for 2.x handsets only) is a simple and stylish Android launcher replacement. It really does everything the native 3-D launcher should have done from the beginning.  Put simply, LauncherPro is the most effective launcher that has the most options on the Android platform. It makes your home screen so much better.

If you have used ADW.Launcher or even Helix Launcher in the past you will be familiar with the way that LauncherPro looks. There is a four icon “dock” at the bottom of the screen, with contacts, browser, phone and messaging app’s icons.  While these may look generic at first, not to fear, they are changeable with a long press of the icon.  You can replace each with whatever application or shortcut you choose. Pretty sweet!I should also mention that the dock itself is also customizable.  Total, you can have up to 3 docks that you can swipe through at the bottom of the screen. A truly great and useful feature.

Swiping between screens is also a real breeze.  Overall it is fast and fluid.  The scrolling is as smooth as scrolling through your contacts; there are barely ever any hiccups and it works well. When you are in the launcher and hit the back button, the launcher icons “fly-out” and you return to your home screen.  It is all extremely fast.  Personally, I think Google really should buy these guys.  Seriously.

Overall,  LauncherPro is a slamdunk. There is actually so much more to say, but we have to limit the size of the post. If not, I could write forever.  To help users we have even listed some of the best features below.

Best Features

  • smooth home screen sliding
  • up to 7 home screens
  • fast 3-D Launcher
  • HTC Sense “helicopter view” by clicking on the home button
  • Customizable icons and dock
  • Scrollable widgets(don’t even ask HTC Sense widgets will not work)
  • LauncherPro Plus Calendar, People, and Bookmark Widgets (more to be added later)
  • Home-screen back up and so many options we can’t even name

If I were you and had not tried LauncherPro, you can use this link to install it. The regular version is free and the plus version is $2.99.  Both are well worth it!

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