The Saga continues as the mobile game company that gave you such titles as Candy Crush, Farm Heroes, Pet Rescue and more is now offering a great new word game. AlphaBetty Saga is a new engaging word-based title to their addictive gaming franchise and is now available for download in the Google Play Store.

“AlphaBetty Saga sets players off on a bold new quest as Betty, a young mouse living in the 1930s, along with some pals  her grandfather, Professor Alpha, and his loyal assistant, Barney, to discover lost words to complete the “Encyclopedia of Everything”.

AlphaBetty is colorful and vibrant with a non-linear game-play. If I had to put it into words I’d describe it as a word find game concocted with a hint of  Candy Crush. A word of caution (hehe I made a pun) to word-finder enthusiasts, AlphaBetty is  NOT your “A” typical crossword puzzle. You have to be strategic, words can be connected adjacently including up, down and some of the words are utter nonsense. I am curious to know the definition of many of the 3 letter words that you get credit for connecting.

Game Modes
Scoring: Simply create words and achieve the target score
Cheese Falls: Bring cheese chunks down to the bottom of the game board to collect them
Bubble Pop: Include a letter inside a bubble in a word to make it pop
Word Frenzy: Create and collect the target number of words containing the target number of letters
Cheddar Spreader: Spread the cheese under multiple tiles on the board


To play Professor Alpha you will call on players to help him complete the legendary book. You are tasked with connecting adjacent letters to create words, score points and ultimately advance through a world very much like our own except for one small detail it’s inhabited by mice and much of it is made of cheese!

The game starts off simple, having you easily soaring through levels linking together 3-4 letter words. You’ll gain positive visual and audible feedback through green highlights, stars, and school-like grade school sticker text.

The game doesn’t stay simple though. You will begin to stare at the beautiful word puzzle, debating whether you should search or tap the shuffle button at the bottom that will mix up the words giving them a fresh location on the board. In each level, you’re only allocated so many moves; once you surpass that be ready to reset or splash some cash.

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The game is free but is equipped with in app-purchase ranging  from $0.99- $59 that allow you to gain extra lives or moves.

In AlphaBetty Saga you will travel from London, Egypt, New York and more than 140 levels creating words.

AlphaBetty Saga is not game changing but does an excellent job at blending two different classic game styles cohesively together. This might be expected from the developers at King, the makers of Candy Crush Saga. I found the game to be ultra addictive, visually stimulating, and occasionally frustrating.

The only complaint that I have is at times I feel as if I am being timed when a green illuminated 3 letter hint pops up. If this game is meant to be a strategic puzzle game let me scan my board and make moves at my comfort level. I looked over the limited settings options and realized there is no way to eliminate the distracting hints.

To spell it out, if you enjoy strategy games that you can pick up and grab as needed and once you pick it up you can get immersed in game-play for hours. If spelling is your Kryptonite and you get easily frustrated looking at a word-search, you’re better off trying some of King’s other Saga titles.

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