Android Apps of the Week: 01

Each week we see a good handful of new apps hit the Android Market. The issue is, which ones are worth the time to download. The rating system is so subjective with people simply giving away stars to apps that work and banishing an app to a low ranking based on it crashing even once for them. That’s why and have teamed up to bring you The Apps of the Week!

Each week we’re going to discuss a few apps that caught our attention and offer them up to you for your opinion. There will be three categories that we cover:

Best All Around App

There will always be at least one app a week that we just stop and say “Wow, that’s pretty cool.” This is where you’ll find that app.

Best Game

While a game may be by definition an app, we’re sticking with the fact that they’re separate and we’re going to show you which games are the best for your Android phone.

Needs Improvement

Some apps just fall a little too short. That doesn’t mean they’re bad apps. In fact, many of them will grow to be some of the greatest apps the platform will see. We actually hope that the developers take our suggestions and get the app to a point where we can call it the Best All Around App. That’s our goal at least.

So without further ado, let’s get down to business!

Best All Around App

Review of Noise Alert by

This weeks best all around app was easy to pick once we had a chance to see it. That app would be Noise Alert. What this app does is simple yet very creative. You’re able to use your phone as a noise detection device, configure a certain audio threshold, and set your phone to call a specified number when it reaches that threshold. That number can be anything you program, so the possibilities that this app has to offer are almost endless.

Best Game

Review of Brain Genius Deluxe by

The games for the Android platform haven’t been amazing, but we have to say that Brain Genius Deluxe is going to have to take the belt on this one. This game offers close to 30 mini games for you to play with 24 of them being in your daily rotation. This is a brain testing app similar in style to the Brain Age games we’ve seen on the Nintendo DS and Nintendo Wii. If you enjoy those style of game, you’ll definitely love this one.

Needs Improvement

Review of Shout by

Our pick for this category is Shout. This app has the potential to be the first big social networking app for the Android platform. The developers already realize that it’s missing simple functionality like being able to permanently enter in your username so you don’t need to do it each time. It also lacks a direct messaging functionality and more default rooms. The potential is there and we’ve seen this app on the iPhone already. The question is, will something bigger come along before the developers can solidify their spot?

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