Android Apps of the Week: 02

Another week, another list of two great apps and a third that could use some improvement!
It seems like the Android Market is slowing down, big time. Not a lot has been coming out lately and the rumors all seem to point to January 15th, the date when the Android Market will allow Android developers to start charging for their apps. Hopefully this will be when we see some killer apps, but can the market hold our interest until then?

Best All Around App

Review of Power Manager by

So you’re a fan of Locale but you want something a bit different? Power Manager allows you to have your phone settings rely specifically on the amount of battery you have left or how you’re charging your phone. This is really handy and will help you get the most out of your phone on a day to day trip. The only thing is, you may want to disable the automatic aspect of this app when you’re ready to call it a night and just charge it, as it effectively goes full blast when it’s plugged in to a power source.

Best Game

Review of Alien Blood Bath by

Warning: This game is completely unpolished. With that being said, it’s still a fun game. Basically, you’re a ninja of sorts with a flamethrower. Because you’re so awesome, you can jump through the air with your flamethrower on and become a giant pinwheel of death. The game runs very well and doesn’t crash, but the graphics are lacking. It would be awesome to see a level editor and some more polished graphics, but for right now, this works very well.

Needs Improvement

Review of OI Update by

There are so many app updates coming out with no real way to tell what’s coming out when. This app is a very simple background notification app that works directly with the developers to offer up a simple way to get notifications as to when the app update is available. Unfortunately, because there is no current way to integrate with the Android Market, you’ll have to manually download this from the website of the developer. This is where things get too messy for the average user. Hopefully they can clean this up in the near future.

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  1. I was really hoping to have my game finished before the flood of paid apps hits in January, but it doesn’t look like I’m going to be ready in time. Hopefully it will turn out decent enough to grab some people’s attention even when it’s competing with the likes of EA. I still plan on releasing it for free, so maybe that’ll be enough to get a couple downloads.

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