AndroidGuys App Review: imeem Mobile

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Title: imeem Mobile
Available: Now, Android Market
Cost: FREE

Lasting Impression: Finding new music and old favorites is a breeze with imeem. Having a playlist tailored to your liking as well as quick access to purchases through Amazon MP3 store, make this one an instant favorite.

Nitty Gritty: The design and layout of this application were very easy to navigate. Everything felt intuitive and we were able to get around with no problems. We started out by creating a new user account and found that a short and sweet process with no hiccups. Once logged in, we were greeted with options to listen to Spotlight (new and notable artists) or Top 100 (hottest songs on imeem). We tried both out and found a few artists we knew as well as some stuff we’d never heard.

If you like the song playing, you can favorite it by tapping the little heart icon.  A cool thing about imeem Mobile is that it works best when you tell it what you like. Your own personal radio station gets built around your preferences in music. If executed right, at some point, your station should be playing nothing but songs you absolutely love.  It works on the principal of “If you like that, then you might also like this.” After a short period of playing with the program, we started noticing that we were not skipping tracks as often as when we first logged in.

Even in a market with no 3G network, we found EDGE to be plenty fast enough to buffer songs.  It was just as quick to jump to the next track using EDGE as it was on our WiFi connection. We were pleased to find this app chugging along no matter what we clicked on or did with it.

One of the features we liked most was being able to log in to our account online and see everything we did using the G1.  Tracks were updated to within the minute and our favorite songs were just a click away.  Another thing we liked was being able to download tracks through the Amazon MP3 store with very few clicks.

A small, but noticeable benefit of the app is that you can run it in the background of whatever else you are doing.   Once your radio station is running, you’ll be able to listen to music while you respond to emails or browse the web.

It’s one thing to have your friends tell you about an artist you’ve never heard of, but it’s a completely different feeling when you “discover” someone on your own. We can imagine that imeem Mobile helps us find all kinds of incredible new artists and songs.  Going back online with our PC, it was a breeze to find people who were into the same music as we were, leaving the door open to some great conversation starters.

We found it an easy choice to say that imeem Mobile is one of the best applications in the Android Market today. Â Were it not a free application, we’d still be fans based on its interface, speed, and customization.  We’re pleased to announce that imeem Mobile is the first Android application to garner the Editor’s Choice.