AndroidGuys App Review: Pop Pop Popcorn

Title: Pop Pop Popcorn
Developer: Maplekey Company
Available: Now, Android Market
Cost: FREE

Lasting Impression: Simple premise to a silly game.  Would entertain younger demographics for a short period of time.

Nitty Gritty: This game seemed easy enough to figure out and that proved to be the problem.  There’s essentially nothing to do beyond heating up some popcorn kernels.  When you start the game, you see 20 little kernels with smiles on their face.  You drag your finger across them and apply a flame to them.  The object is to heat them up as fast as possible, but at the same time, keep from overheating them.

We played with this game about a dozen times to see if we were missing something, but in the end we found the game went from a challenge to beat your high score to just a bore. Our scores seemed to be either 50 or 140 with little or no deviation.

The look of the game is nice and the graphics are very family friendly, but we somehow expected a little more.  We get the whole mindless, time waster deal, but this doesn’t feel like a game we’d keep loaded on our handset.

Options include sharing your score with contacts via SMS as well as a link to purchase popcorn through  We can imagine people trying to outdo each other’s scores for a short while and then not touching the game after that. Without trying to knock the developer, we were glad this was free.

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  1. I like these little app reviews you’re doing. A great service!

    How many apps are available at the Android Marketplace as of now?

  2. This program gives acces to your SMS messaging… Some people have reporded receiving spam SMS messages after installing. PAY ATTENTION to the permissons programs are asking for, or they may spam u as well.

  3. This game was hard and drove me batty but I was determined and finally popped all the kernels without burning one. I wished at that point I could have sent my score to a website or something however I was only able to SMS it so I chose the only friend in my contact list that has a G1. Bummer ending for all of the work!

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