App Review: Alarmed

Alarmed1If you’re anything like me, getting out of bed is one of the hardest parts of the day. You deliberately set your alarm to go off at least 30 minutes earlier than when you really need to get up, just so you can hit snooze several times before dragging yourself out of bed in a semi-conscious haze. Alarmed aims to fix this type of behavior by providing simple, yet mentally stimulating, questions to help wake you up.

Unlike a conventional alarm clock, Alarmed requires the user to solve a series of math and word scramble (anagram) questions in order to disable the alarm. If you cannot answer the question, you can select “Pass” and the alarm will move on to the next question while adding another to the bottom of the queue.

Although you can adjust the amount and difficulty of the questions, they are designed to be just hard enough to get your “mental gears” turning. In theory, by the time you have correctly answered all of the questions you are fully awake and ready to get out of bed. The only weak point I can find in this app is that you can hit “Snooze” as often as you like, thus perpetuating the very problem it seeks to remedy. It would probably be more practical if it required you to solve equations before you can hit “Snooze,” as opposed to disabling the alarm.


Having used this application, I can personally attest that Alarmed helps decrease, if not remove, morning haziness. Alarmed is very much like mental breakfast – and we all know breakfast is the most important meal of the day!

Alarmed is available on the Android Market for free with a paid version (£1.00 or $1.59) which allows multiple alarms to be set as well as the option to play songs from your music library.


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